Beauty Product Reviews

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Tried once and threw it away

Shade 29 is burgundy. It is very dark and almost black. I wore it for 6 hours at home to test it for the first time. The applicator was too unfirm and bad so I dipped the liquid with my own liner brush. It was flaky, not longlasting nor waterproof and just a tear drop would ruin your makeup. I have thrown it away right after as I will not use it. It is so difficult to find a burgundy liquid liner that shows enough red pigment. This one failed in terms of color and quality.

finished so many bottles and keep buying more

I bring only one toner to travel every week, this is the one. I use it before moisturizer as a toner, fix my look after setting powder, moisturize my face during the flight, cooling my face after the flight. It smells and feels refreshing.

Better options out there

It has a great scent that I enjoyed using and it is non drying. Price-wise and pigment-wise, there are better options available. It can tone down the brassness but it is not as lasting as other could be. If you naturally have very light blonde hair, it is possible to give a more effective result. But for asian bleached hair like mine, you might need to use this every day to avoid the purple pigment fading.

I have medium length lashes, I found Prime & Seal is a very good mascara when used alone. I also have tried using "step 2" the fiber, I could not coat the fiber too well so the result looked messy like hairy spider legs. Undoubtedly it can give a dramatic length.

Definitely a lip conditioner, and a great red that everyone can wear.

If anyone who has not tried a red lipstick nor any bold lip colors, this could be your beginner's choice. It is easy to apply and moisturizing, thanks to it balmy texture. I love to wear it casually on any no make up day such as for grocery shopping or going to a sea and sun vacation.

Beautiful color to look at but not pigmented

The color looks beautiful inside the tube but the product is not pigmented. It does not give a sticky glossy feeling on the lips but more like applying olive oil on your lips. I want to like this product because of its ingredients.

I bought two of this, one for my sister and one for myself. In terms of deep cleansing effect, I did not see any WOW results, but it is a good mask for relaxation and pampering yourself.

Already repurchased a few times

It is a great light-weight setting powder that gives a flawless and matte finishing that last all day, while no touch-up was needed during an inter-continental long-haul work day! Very easy to use, after applying moisturizer, use a brush to buff a tiny amount of Un Powder over T-zone and under eye (if you use mascara on your lower lashes). It contains only single natural ingredient, it feels clean and weightless, and the pores look disappeared.