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So soft, blends to give an almost air brushed finish!

This makes blending in foundation or any liquid product against the skin really easy, it gives an even finish and leaves your skin looking almost airbrushed!

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Best BB cream ever.

A primer, Sunscreen and BB cream in one? Amazing. I really like using this to even out my skintone and it gives me just the right amount of coverage to still look really natural. It is a little pricey, but worth every penny! I like using my hands to blend this in or my real techniques experts face brush. Did I also mention it makes my skin feel really smooth ;)?


Absolutely amazing blush, and the colour is beautiful! I highly recommend it for - Drier skin types / Combi skin with dry cheeks - People who want long lasting blush colors - People who want that very natural flush - People who are fans of cream blushers in general

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Perfect formulation for everyday use!

Of course the EOS lipbalm is no stranger to us, I am currently using the one in Raspberry and have used one up completely in melon. I think it's a different alternative to your conventional chapsticks of lip balm tubes. It rather moisturizing, doesn't leave my lips feeling sticky at all and isn't too thick. A perfect formulation for everyday use.

Love it! Second time's a charm!

I'll admit, I didn't really like the formula at first, it was a little wet and smudged every single time, (most likely due to the humidity in Singapore) but nonetheless I didn't like it. However, I re-discovered this a month later and I have grown to love it so much, it really lengthens my lashes and opens up my eyes. I also find that putting a setting powder underneath my eyes helps to prevent it from smudging as well!

Wouldn't recommend this for shorter lashes as it can make your lashes droop, causing it to smear under your eyes even more.