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Winnie B.

This blush is so inexpensive yet pigmented. I love it to death. Super easy to swipe on for a light or dark blush. I especially love layering Mellow Wine with my Too Faced Candy Glow blush for softening.

Recommend to all!

Tommie J.
My Favorite From this Line :)

I own a quite few blushes from Wet n' Wild this one is most definitely my favorite. It works so well my skin and looks so natural. You don't need to do a lot swirls to get color pay-off; a little goes a long way. I wear this color 95% of the time I wear blush. I give this product a solid thumbs up !!

Wilmarie S.

i love this. i'm not really a fan of blush. i mean when i do people make up i use it but on my not much but when i do use blush i use this one and i love it because i'm a tan person and this color goes perfect specially because is the color of my skin when i blush or do exercise which is perfect because it looks natural and the colour is not faded just one application is enough and since i like my blush to look natural this is perfect :) love love love it <3

Julianne J.
Cheap and Pigmented- What Could be Better?

Once I heard about these little babies on Beautylish, I knew I had to snatch one up. Pigmented and cheap? Wet n Wild is hitting home run after home run lately- it seems the success of the shadows has rubbed off on the blushes! I picked Mellow Wine because it was more familiar- but now I wished I had gotten more! And because they are so cheap, picking up a few more won't break the bank!

Mellow Wine is similar to a red-toned blush in my Sephora Collection Makeup Studio Blockbuster- L.E. Holiday 2011 kit and also looks a bit like my newly re-discovered and other fave reddish blush- the discontinued Revlon Golden Affair blush in 430 Rose Rapture, which is great for adding contour with a color kick. Mellow Wine is mostly matte with a faint micro-shimmer and as with the shadows, its super soft and easy to kick up powder. I think this shade would work great as an eyeshadow as well. The brush is crap so I ditched it, but the blush is awesome! If W n W keeps this up, ALL their products will be re-formulated and even better!

Lily H.

I recently got this blush a few weeks ago and I have been using it everyday ever since. Pigmentation is great! A little goes a long way, trust me. Such a great blush for so cheap. Cheaper than an ELF Studio Blush and the Wet N Wild one doesn't even have as much shimmer as ELF making it very wearable for people with aging skin. I bought it for my mom and she loves it too. :)