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Brush 19 Eye Shadow Precision Blending Brush

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Su W.
Nice quality crease brush, very precise
Photo of product included with review by Su W.
Photo of product included with review by Su W.

I just received the Sonia G Crease Pro, Wayne Goss 19, Wayne Goss 4 brushes as part of my first order of higher end eyeshadow brushes. These are all about the same shape, kind of fluffy with a pointed tip and I am really happy with all of them. I do feel I have more control in blending out than I did before. I took so long trying to decide which ones to get and they are all good. I am posting photos to show relative size and shape differences just in case it helps anyone decide. The Wayne Goss 19 is the slightest bit smaller and pointier than the other 2. The Sonia G Crease pro is the slightest bit stiffer than the Wayne Goss brushes but not by too much. I have smaller asian hooded eyes and these all work for me. I could have probably gotten away with just getting one but not disappointed I got all 3 because I do feel the slight differences and feel they could come in handy in different situations. The Sonia G Crease pro and WG 04 are almost interchangeable to me, but if you like a slightly stiffer brush for packing color on a little faster this might be better. The slightly less stiff WG 04 is probably better if you feel more comfortable with softer applications of shadow and building up intensity. The WG 19 would be better if you really like precise blending between color transitions on smaller eyes - not so much for more blown out colors.

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Cindy K.
Great for hooded eyes!

I have mature hooded eyes and this brush is so perfect for applying shadow in my crease. It is so soft and gentle on my aging eyes. I can do such detail work in my crease with it. If you have hooded eyes I would highly recommend this brush!

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Mo C.
The. Best.

So soft, and a good investment since it works even with the crappiest shadows. The 19 is great for hooded eyes, to pick up color and blend. It's now my favorite brush. Saving up to get more!

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Elizabeth S.
Hooded or small eyes “look out” it’s coming for you!

I have smaller eyes with a slight hood and this is my new favorite for blending out my crease. My Mom has seriously hooded and mature eyes and guess what she’s getting as a stocking stuffer? Yep, Wayne’s brushes are soft, they are a lovely taper and they perform flawlessly. I initially purchased the Wayne Goss eye set, but I found I needed the #19 brush for so many other details (blending under eye concealer, that pop of shimmer in the corner of my eyes, perfect nose contour) that I needed to order more. I love this brush and should you have small, hooded, or mature eyes this is the brush you want in your arsenal.

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L O.
Great brush for smaller eyes
Photo of product included with review by L O.

If you're looking for a small blending brush then this is definitely one to consider. It's tiny!

The bristles are soft, the handle is a good length, and it does a great job of blending out my crease and my lower lashline. It's smaller and not as dense as the Wayne Goss 04. In my photo (from left to right) is the WG 04, WG 19, Cozzette S185, Kevyn Aucoin small eyeshadow brush, and then the Real Techniques socket brush is across the top. This should kinda give you an idea about its size.

I found this brush did not deposit color very strongly, but it blended very well. I'm thrilled with my purchase and will definitely look at the other Wayne Goss brushes.

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Carol C.
Where has this brush been all my life !

60 and I suffer from red, itchy and dry eyelids from applying eyeshadow with the WRONG brushes. I now use the WG brush with soft windshield motions to create the perfect eye look. I no longer have horrible looking eyelids. Since purchasing this brush I also added 5 more WG brushes to my collection including the Blue Scquirel brushes . So very happy. Thank you !

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Hayley  S.

I. Am. Floored. I’ve been a Wayne fan for years and fully trust him when it comes to makeup. This is my first Goss brush, but it will not be my last. It’s an amazing little eye brush, absolutely perfect for my hooded eyes. I’m just sad I didn’t buy it sooner, would have saved me from muddy eye makeup and buying brushes that never were quite the right fit. I’m not even kidding when I say, if you only can afford one brush, make sure you get this one! Can’t wait to buy them all now. :)

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Worth the hype

I was watching Mel Thompson use these brushes and finally caved and bought the #19 and #18. The shapes of the brushes are amazing and they work better than I could have imagined. I love them!

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Jirayu T.
Use it everyday

With my hooded eyes i never create the look or playing around with the palette that i love like this before. one word love wayne

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Barbara A.

Love these new brushes for my hooded eyes. Cheek brush too. Fan is pretty good too but I like the original a wee bit better for placing products.

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