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Don't forget about these!


Desirey A. Team
to die for!

I honestly LOVE this lash style and "Flash It". I've been searching everywhere for the perfect mink lashes for when I feel like dolling up and I've finally found them. Definitely worth the price!

Gabby L.
Favorite lashes

These gorgeous mink lashes have quickly become my favorite lashes to wear. They are spaced out perfectly and truly give my lashes that wide eyed doll look. The hairs are very delicate so be careful when you’re removing them from their packaging or removing the glue to re-use them

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carolina m.
The hair coming off
Photo of product included with review by carolina m.

I love the style of the lashes I've worn them like twice and I've notice that the hair were coming off I have another pair in "flash it" and they're in perfect condition, I've worn them twice as well, and bought them at the same time. I'm pretty bomb about is as a costumer I expect a better quality since they are pricy and more of a known brand. Since I love the style I want to buy some new ones but not sure if is worth it!

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Ashleigh L.
Sheds like a dog!

I wanted to love these. I really did, especially with the price tag. But like I said in the title, the moment I put these on, they started shedding and falling into my eyeballs! The bands are ridiculously thick, and they're very uncomfortable. They look absolutely gorgeous, but these two factors were deal breakers for me. I can't justify spending this much money to get an eye infection and be uncomfortable all day just because they're pretty.

Lauren G.
AMAZING lashes!

These are everything that I've wanted in a lash! They are super full and exactly like they are named, doll like! They make my eyes seem larger and awake. My new favorite lashes!