VDL + Pantone Lumilayer Primer


Elizabeth L.
Lightweight and Silky

I love how this primer feels on my skin. It's lightweight, silky, and hides most of my blemishes. The pearly tones are good enough for me to not use foundation most of the time. As someone with dry skin, this product helps make your skin look lush and moisturized as well. Highly recommended.

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Mariel  H.
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It’s a perfect primer for dry skin but definitely it’s not for oily skin . Make the skin look soft and smooth with a glowy effect . I definitely recommend

Zohndra V.

I have really oily skin so I’ve always steered away from luminous primers, and It’s summer where I live so I was worried about this product making me look like an oil slick by the end of the day. I wore this everyday for a few weeks and I’m a huge fan of it! It definitely doesn’t make me look oily, it gives me a healthy glow to the skin. This is actually the perfect summer primer!

Jennifer D.
Great Product-- Horrible design for sample/travel sizes-- Buy full product
Photo of product included with review by Jennifer D.

In the world of beauty and fashion today, brands need to continually consider the consumer's perspective and incorporate this viewpoint into their overall look. That means focusing on every detail from the cosmetics' chemistry to the packing of the product. While VDL delivers a fabulous product, they completely missed the mark in terms of functionality in their travel size. The glass bottles that the product came may be aesthetically pleasing, but the narrow opening and the consistency of the product made it impossible to get the primer out of the bottle. Another review compared getting this product out to trying to get ketchup out of a bottle, and I died laughing because it was so true. As someone who likes to have a concentrated amount of primer with each pump and also wants to use every last drop of a product, even if that means cutting off the top of a bottle-- this primer was not for me.

It is a shame that the product packaging took away from the actual product because VDL's Lumilayer Primer is fantastic. It was flawless underneath my Dior foundation and delivered in creating a "glass-skin" and overfall polished effect. Moreover, at $32 a bottle, it is currently much cheaper than my current primer. If this is a product you are interested in using, then buy the full size, which has a pump attached to it.

Desiree W.

I really liked how glowy this made my face look! I have dry skin and this just gave it a nice glow. I wouldn't say this is hydrating just luminous. Very pretty. I would recommend if this is what your looking for in a primer! I received this product complimentary to try for testing purposes from influenster.

Renee R.
Smooth Finish

This primer is good and comes off as smooth. Nothing particularly special about it, but the plus side is that it is not greasy.

Brooke  M.
Good formula but overpriced

This primer is good. It is lightweight, glowy, and it's not greasy. However, I could definitely get the same result with a $10 primer from Target. There is nothing wrong with this formula, it is actually great. I just feel that I could get the same look for less.