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Urban Decay

Revolution Lipstick

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Lindsay L.
Creamy, long-lasting, and hydrating!

I'm a UD junkie, but I was never a lipstick girl. Every lipstick I used was either impossible to apply (skipping, mushy texture, etc) or accentuated any dead skin on my lips (even after lip scrubs). But I got a sample of this lipstick in an Ipsy glambag and WOW. It is long lasting, easy to apply, and creamy. Very first-time lippie user friendly. Very good for cold days when you'd otherwise be applying ChapStick ever 5 minutes. I apply it once in the morning, with or without lip liner and I'm good until night. It smudges easily, so eat and drink carefully! But it lasts through meals and kisses.

Love this lipstick! I need more shades NOW! C: