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De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray


Tina L.
Must have!

I have super oily skin & debated about trying out this product for a while. What held me back the most was the price. I finally purchased the travel size and I am so glad I did! I forgot to put this on one day & by the early afternoon my Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour foundation had literally disappeared!! Let's get real ppl, it's not going to keep you from sweating, we are human & it's not a MIRACLE!! It sure did increase the staying power of my make-up dramatically. I only spray it on after I'm completely done with my make-up. I will be purchasing the full size bottle soon.

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Caroline G.
Winged it and won

This spray made my day. I only use powder as a cover since I have terrible acne prone skin. I sprayed this before putting my powder on and then after. The smell wasn't too strong. I used three sprays as directed and that's all I needed. My powder didn't fade away and it made my skin have a healthy, gorgeous glow. I will get it in the XL size because I see myself packing the travel size in my purse.

Jani M.
Keeps my makeup in place.

I've heard so many great things about this, so I decided to go to my local Ulta to pick up the travel size. Usually, after a few hours, my makeup just seems to disappear due to my oily skin, but this keeps it lasting for hours! I also love the refreshing feeling it gives me.

Kit P.
Works as claimed.

There's a lot of confusion about when in your make-up routine you should spray. After applying your moisturizer, foundation, concealer, & eyeshadow, shake the De-Slick and spray in an X and then a T. Fan your face for a few seconds, & give it a minute to dry. Apply your eye liner, mascara, and powder (pressed or loose), and finally, your lip product. I have an oil well for a face, & this makes my make-up last the day, through many flights of stairs and bus transfers.

You can obtain the same results by improving your make-up application. Blend ladies! And loose powder is a staple!

**This spray isn't suppose to be an oil reducing product - it's formulated for your make-up, not your skincare routine. Its role is to set your products.

Toya A.

This was an impulse purchase while standing in line at Sephora. I was pleasantly surprised after I tried it out, it kept my t-zone from getting all oily and shiny. I have to agree with a previous comment though, it won`t keep the oil away all day, but it would be the last item I put on my face, I will try putting it on under AND on top of my makeup and see how that goes!

Layla G.
Mixed Review

I don't know how I feel about this product to be honest "/ I was so excited to buy this product as my t-zone gets realy oily when I'm wearing makeup, especially my nose & I don't think this product has helped calm down the oilyness. I wear make-up to school and usualy when I come home 75% of my makeup is gone from my face -.- but when I applied this product to my face, when I came home from school, it did make my makeup last a bit longer which is a positive:) It definitely doesn't control oilyness on the face but it does make your make-up last a tad bit longer.

Samantha H.
Decent job, makes a better primer than setting spray.

I have very oily skin and this product didn't seem to help as much as I thought it would. It keeps my makeup on well if I apply it before foundation, but it doesn't prevent my face from getting shiny. I think De Slick in a tube does a better job at getting rid of the shine for those of us with oily skin.

Caitlyn V.
Does nothing for me

I find this doesn't help with oil control at all. I wore it under and on top of my make up. I honestly just don't see a point in this product. Extremely disappointing. I will definitely never see a point in re purchasing. I'm still on the hunt for a good oil control product...