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Tammy H.
Pretty good

This eye cream is pretty good. It made my under eye area softer and more hydrated. I really liked the light texture and appreciated this product being fragrance-free. I would recommend this product to others but it might be as effective at hydrating super dry skin. I received this product complimentary for testing purposes.

Andi K.
I’m not in love, but I do like it

Let me start by saying this is a very nice eye concentrate in terms of texture, hydration, effectiveness under makeup. But for the steep price, I would never consider a repurchase. Not when there are so many medical grade options for half the price that are just as if not more effective. That’s why this gets four stars instead of five. But taking price out of the equation I am very pleased. The feel of this when pressing in between my ring fingers and then tapping gently around the lower eye area is very nice. Cushiony, light, balmy, silky. It glides very nice onto the eye skin, and although immediately it doesn’t seem like it will completely sink in, after just a minute or two it completely absorbed. Leaves my skin feeling hydrated (and without a film like some other products do) and perfectly primed for makeup. I can tell hyaluronic acid is in this product. It does appear to give a of amount of hydration, and my eye area does not appear to have a dried out look throughout the day. I do find myself wanting something heavier for nighttime though. Maybe that’s just personal preference. Do I think it helps with fine lines and wrinkles? After only a month of use I am not so sure. I think if anything the hydration it gives and plumped my fine lines a bit, but not sure about long-term repair of lines which is something I always am looking for. As far as claims of brightening and improving radiance, I do think it has temporary effects. It like a very subtle pearl type opulence that I think reflects light and makes the area brighter as an optical illusion, but again I would not say there is any long-term benefit from extended use. I’m glad I was able to try this complementary for testing purposes, but I will continue to purchase eye products at a lower price point.

Ileana M.
I’m impressed

I really enjoyed this eye cream. I feel like it did a great job at hydrating my under eye area without leaving a greasy or oily feel. I have oily skin and struggle with a lot of eye creams leaving my skin feeling a little too greasy (not at all the case with this product). Really absorbs well into the skin while helping to refine the look any super fine lines. I can’t speak to it’s effectiveness on dark circles as I (thankfully) don’t typically deal with that. However, I do have a tiny bit of milia (tiny bumps) under my eyes and I have to say that is the thing I was most impressed with regarding this product! It seemed to really reduce the appearance of and smooth the tiny bumps under my eyes! WOW! I’m impressed and would recommend for anyone with a similar issue. I received this product for free or complimentary for testing purposes. 

helen d.
Luxurious eye cream

I was really excited to get this eye cream and loved trying it! It had a wonderful rich texture that applied smoothly and my eye area seemed to drink it up. I enjoyed the feel and it didn’t irritate my eyes at all which is always a bonus. The sample size i received complimentary from influenster lasted about two weeks applying morning and night. I definitely felt like my eyes looked brighter and refreshed and would have loved to see what results i could get with long term usage. Overall, i enjoyed this eye cream and may need to invest in the full size!

Erin H.
Great texture!

I was sent a free sample to test from Influenster, and I love the rich texture of this. It soaks in quickly, and doesnt feel gummy or to heavy. Helped to hydrate and plump my under eyes, which in turn did help with texture. The sample I recieved was only about a two week supply, so I'm not sure if there would be additional benefits like wrinkle repair of used longer. Overall, I would recommend to anyone looking for a great moisturizer :)

Natalie W.
Love it
Photo of product included with review by Natalie W.

So let me start off by saying I love how quick this worked it met my expectations and beyond. I think the packaging is great and worth the value because it works. You can’t improve what is perfect and I will be a customer for life. • I love testing new products in exchange for my honest opinion, and to be entered into a contest. Trust me when I say little goes a long way and you’ll love it too.

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Melissa W.
I didn’t see any real improvement

This eye cream doesn’t have a strong odor which is great. It is fairly hydrating, it seems to soak into the skin quickly once applied, but does t seem hydrating enough for my liking. I like that this product has caffeine and hyaluronic acid, but I didn’t really notice the benefits of this as much as I was hoping to. My free sample from Influenster lasted 3 weeks and I am unsure if that just wasn’t enough product to get an accurate snapshot of how this product performs long term. In the time that I used it, I didn’t. Price any profound difference in my under eye area. I do normally wear nice eye creams and I didn’t notice and worsening while on this product either. But at the high price point for this eye cream I was really hoping for something more. I will probably continue to buy my less expensive eye creams like Shiseido that is around $70.

Grace  O.
Suitable for sensitive eyes

Firstly, I am very sensitive to eye products and I will get puffy eyes if I use the wrong product. So, my 3 criteria for a good eye cream is; 1. Doesn’t irritate 2. Hydrates 3. Illuminate or makes me look younger (who doesn’t right?) This Tom Ford eye cream didn’t irritate my eye, is incredibly lightweight, non greasy, absorbs really fast and is hydrating. I haven’t got enough use to test(as I ran out of the small sample) if it makes my eyes appear younger though. So far, the only down side is the price tag! I received this product complimentary for review purposes.

Stacie H.
Saddened to state that I’m Disappointed

Once applied after all routine skincare was completed, this product seemed to be on the watery scale in my opinion. So instead, I opted to give this a try prior to my skincare regimen and must say that the consistency is almost like a softener or primer instead of an Eye Repair Cream. I patted a pea sized amount into my skin and while it did soak in quickly, there was still that watered down feeling. I can’t quite put my finger on the consistency, the aforementioned descriptions are the best that I can come up with. I am sorely disappointed, especially with this being a Tom Ford product. My expectations were set much higher right off the bat. While I did, see minimal difference in very fine lines, I am just not a fan. Eye creams are one of my favorite skin care products and I have a wide variety ranging from high to medium end. My suggestion is to pass on this one especially considering the price for this sucker. However, if you do get a chance to test this definitely take on the challenge and submit a review as I am very interested to see others thoughts on this specific Tom Ford product.

Shaylee C.
Photo of product included with review by Shaylee C.
Photo of product included with review by Shaylee C.

I have a lot of smile lines from... smiling and significant weight loss. I’ve been using this product for roughly two weeks now and I see a significant difference! I’m super impressed! I love it!!

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