Extrême Eye Color Quad

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jill H.
Very disappointed

I have Tom Ford quads and I know that this particular quad is one of the worst that he’s come out with. It’s a shame that Beautylish put this in a lot of their lucky bags. Do you have to be a Youtuber/beauty influencer to get a good lucky bag? I’m starting to wonder. If this pallet comes back in stock, I doubt it will, please save your money. Only two of my items in my lucky bag was worth keeping, a Sonia G brush and a Holifrog cleanser everything else was just sale items they are trying to get rid of.

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Kate C.
Is it really sold out or did everyone get it in a lucky bag?

I received this is my lucky bag. It looks like a lot of people received it in their lucky bag. That's really all you need to know. I guess there's little market for a black, dark grey, cranberry, and shimmery dark brown palette.

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Stephanie R.

I got this in a gifted Lucky Bag and there is no versatility at all to it. You can basically create a dark smokey eye...and that's it. You don't even get one matte. I'm baffled as to how is this sold out, unless all the emo kids suddenly started buying Tom Ford? This is definitely one of those moments you're paying solely for the name on the compact. Disappointing.

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