Christany J.

This stuff is so great. I love the color, and that it gives such a natural tint to the lips and cheeks. It's great for bringing life back into your face when you're sick (if you're anything like me and get super pale when you're ill) aaaand it lasts. Plus, the gel consistency of the formula gives you a little time to blend before it sets, so you don't end up with random streaks. Definitely want to try to pick this up in Prom Queen at some point.

Amiee D.
This is a must!

This product changed my views on lip stains! I used to hate them because I couldn't use them properly but this product is seriously amazing! It has a gel formula that helps make it more manageable. The color is very pigmented and last for a few hours. I love that I can wear this and just a clean balm on top. So I never leave a lip print anywhere!

Pucchin P.
love it :)

It's exactly what I've been looking for!! It's like a jelly that sets in as a stain so it's not messy at all. I disliked all the marker-type stains that I've used so far so I am quite happy with it.

I used Beauty Queen on my lips, and it is so pretty! It's hard to find a dark berry pink color that matches my Asian skin, and this one was just perfect. It was cool on contact and was absorbed quite quickly, so it is easy to layer on for a more bolder color to suit your fancy. The color didn't fade the whole 8 hours that I was out, and I even had a meal in-between :)

I haven't used it as a cheek stain yet, but it should be very easy to use and blend :) I definitely need the other two colors stat!

Nik Von B.

I just got this today and already I am obsessed. The color is great and stays on for quite a while. The doe-foot applicator is amazingly soft and helps it to go on easily and now feel heavy or crusty. I am in love!

Sophie D.
So great

Can't believe there's only one review of this lipstain, because I think this stuff is wonderful. It seems like every other stain I have is in the "marker" form, and I'm not a big fan of that delivery system. This baby, on the other hand, has a doe-foot applicator and as it states, is formulated to give you time for blending. It doesn't streak, the color builds easily, and "Beauty Queen" is a great shade of berry/hot pink. I do, however, wish it stayed on longer. I get about 4 hours of wear time before needing to reapply. And it does stain your fingers, so watch out for that.

Claire-Louise D.

This is a great lip and cheek stain! You have to be careful where you put it though, it really does stain! It does dry out my lips a little bit but overall its a great product! It also is a little hard to find.

Vi-An T.

This is a good one. Really nice and light, and would still last for hours. On the cheeks it's really easy to apply, on the lips however it sets pretty quickly so you might not get to spread it evenly at times.

Melanie G.
Natural stain!

I really like this cheek stain! I don’t use it as a lip stain, but for cheeks it leaves you with a very natural, light amount of color. It would probably be too light for someone who likes very pigmented blushes, but for me its perfect. Very easy to use too! I put it on my fingers, first, before applying it to my cheeks.