ShineClassic Multi Powder Compact (Chilbo)

Reproducing the Essence of Korean Culture

Sulwhasoo cherishes Korea's beautiful traditional culture and value, and believes that when tradition and modernity coexist in harmony can beauty with a greater value be completed. Based on such a belief, Sulwhasoo aims to recreate the essence of Korean beauty with the finest craftsmen of Korea specializing in reproducing Korean culture.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the 2019 ShineClassic Powder Compact and ShineClassic Multi Powder Compact will be donated to help protect and preserve world heritage sites as part of Sulwhasoo’s global CSR campaign, “BEAUTY FOR YOUR CULTURE.”

Design Inspiration

Chilbo, which means “seven gemstones,” is a sophisticated crafting technique, capable of producing a variety of brilliant colors that cannot be replicated with any other technique. The Chilbo technique involves coating a metal surface with a uniquely colored glaze or enamel, then baking it in a kiln.

2019 ShineClassics Collection features a Rock and Peony paintings (“Seokmorando”), which refers to Peony paintings produced for the royal court that feature oddly shaped rocks. When combined, Peony - a symbol of wealth – and oddly shaped rocks - a symbol of longevity - mean “desire for long-lasting wealth and honor.”