First Care Activating Mask


Jenny L.

These make my skin glow for days. I have tried a ridiculous number of sheet masks, drugstore to high-end, and these are 10x better than anything else I have used. If you have the $$ to splurge, I highly recommend.

Myra H.
Pricey, but nice

I purchased this mask as part of a set and was excited to try it because it's one of the most expensive I've tried (I normally try not to spend more than a couple of dollars for a sheet mask). The mask sits well on the skin and isn't dripping in serum like some tend to be, which makes it less messy to take out of the package and put on. You wear it for about 20 minutes and feel plump, hydrated skin upon removal. It takes a bit of time to get the excess serum absorbed but in the end it is worth it for how smooth and radiant the skin looks afterward! The effect is even better the next day when you wake up to flawless looking skin. This doesn't happen often unless I go the extra mile with my routine and this mask did that for me without me having to do too many extra steps. Because of the cost I don't think I'd use this often, but when my skin is dry and dull and I can't save it, I'd definitely whip this out to save the day.

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