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Anna W.
Perfect Everyday Color.

I'm a big fan of this blush. It's my every day color.

I picked it up because the finish is extremely natural: not matte, not quite satin. It has no shimmer or glitter or sheen or any sparkly stuff, which just looks weird on me under florescent lighting at work.

The product itself is very pigmented and smooth, and when applied, blends very well into the skin. It's not heavy at all, and is easy to build up the color you want.

I do not get any fading with this, and when I go home at the end of the day it's still where I put it that morning.

The range of colors is appealing, and I had a difficult time in the store figuring out which one I wanted, but Infatuation won--I'd describe it as a dusty rose with some peach tones. I'm contemplating going back for 'parfait' and 'natural'.