Sonia G.

Smudger One

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Grace C.
Impressed and amazed

This brush style shape is not so different to others I have seen, but it is thicker at the base of the bristles and taper sharply to the edge. Very good for picking up hard pressed shadows like those VR shades from Pat McGrath. Overall fantastic quality. I also love how all of Sonia's brushes have their names printed on the brushes. The handles are also very ergonomic to hold . I do prefer the tapered handles over a thicker handles though. Highly recommend.

Sacha Z.
The shape is good for smudging but the ferrule is ratty

The ferrule is very soft = press with a nail and you change the shape of the ferrule and hairs !

A brush of this price with a so cheap ferrule is a shame. Too much space between the ferrule and the hair too.

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Sara R.
Tried once, never again without it

I use the smudger to apply eyeshadow to the bottom of my eyes. it picks up both mats and glitter eyeshadow very well. It is gentle and does not scratch. I'm considering buying a second one.

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Christina H.
Love it!

I love this brush for placing shimmer eyeshadows on the inner third of the lid and it’s also PERFECT for lower lash line smoke for me! It also works really well with pressed glitter with the zig zag/wiggle method. I liked it better than builder one for that purpose. And it’s sooooo soft and not pokey which I loved because I have sensitive skin! Awesome brush! <3

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Oxana F.
My first Sonya G brush

Got this in the Lucky Bag this year. I'm not used to using this type of brush, but now it find its place in smudging and softening the edges of cream colors and liners (pencil and cream ones). I find the shape pretty useful, and the bristles are very soft. But the handle a bit thick for my liking for this kind of detailing brush. Thus 4 stars.

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Bren O.

I am loving this brush!! It seems like Sonia put the first 2 all in to this brush. Love the fact is can work with cream liners and love the fact it is more substantial than the other 2 brushes. I like to turn this one on its' side and make the liner even thicker, so I don't have to drag the color down, this brush will let you do it all in 1 smooth move. Perfect for upper crease work or smudging the lower line, what a little powerhouse!!

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