Sonia G.

Lotus Detail


one c.
Softer than synthetic brushes for my sensitive skin

I was surprised at how soft the brush is and I could also use it to buff powder over the foundation without feeling scratchy

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Severine F.
Petit et efficace

Ce magnifique pinceau est plutôt petit mais a tout d'un grand. Il fonctionne parfaitement avec les produits en poudre tels que les blushs, highlighters ou contour/ bronzers. Je réserve celui-ci aux blushs très pigmentés car il sait prélever suffisamment de matière et sa forme permet une application en douceur sur les pommettes. Il estompe parfaitement sans déplacer la matière dessous. Le résultat obtenu est fondu et vous n'aurez pas de démarcation. Il est difficile de se louper avec un tel pinceau. Les matins où je l'utilise pour le blush je le garde afin d'appliquer le highlighter, ce qui fonctionne très bien également. Le manche et la férule sont des merveilles, encore plus beaux une fois dans vos mains.

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Yuliana  G.

Una de las mejores brochas en la que he invertido my primer brocha de Sonia G me encanta estoy feliz por mi compra La uso para blush/bronzer y highlighter súper suave y da una aplicación suave y difuminada mi maquillaje queda muy natural la recomiendo 100%

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Catarina V.

This is a lovely brush with silky soft bristles and obviously of great quality but no review shows you just how TINY this brush is. Here I compare it to a rephr 05 blush brush but I think the best comparison is how it compares to a Dior lip glow balm. I guess I can use it for a chiseled contour but since that trend is on the way out, I'm not sure I would keep this. I bought this with my own money, my opinion is completely my own.

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Jennifer W.
Great little angled, airy brush!

Another great brush from Sonia! I already have the Mini Cheek which is similar in size and has the same bristles, but the angle on the Lotus Detail makes the bristles spread out more than the Mini Cheek, making it lovely to use for layering cheek colors to achieve more luminosity and volume. I like to use a rosy all over cheek blush and then do a subtle wash of bright pink or mango to add depth. The brush makes this effortless and fun!

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Mary W.
Softer and Airier with Every Wash

I will forever recommend this brush as one of the top 2 face brushes of the Sonia G line up. The other brush is the mini cheek. These will not move any foundation under it, and give the perfect placement to blush, highlighter and even bronzer. And every single time I wash this brush, it becomes even more soft, airy and a joy to use.

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Lori  R.
Love it!
Photo of product included with review by Lori  R.
Photo of product included with review by Lori  R.

When the lotus brushes were released individually I knew I had to pick up a couple just so I could add the beautiful handle to my collection. I ended up getting this and the soft definer. I'm so glad I got this brush! It is different from any other angled face brush I own. It is pretty small but also fluffy. It applies and blends beautifully. I sometimes struggle keeping my blush, bronzer or contour in the exact place I want it so a small brush like this is perfect. I also own the face pro and this brush is much much smaller and the shape is a bit different. It is flat on top where the face pro is curved. So it is not an exact miniature even though they have the same bristles. I highly recommend giving this brush a try if you're looking for precise placement of your face products. It won't disappoint plus it will be the most beautiful brush in your collection!

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Debra O.
Great blush brush
Photo of product included with review by Debra O.

The Detail is a must have especially if you have a small face and fantastic brush if you have a very pigmented blush this won't put down to much colour straight away. In the picture I've put the Hinoki and the Rephr 04 for size comparison

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