Sonia G.

Lotus Base


Maria del Rocio D.
Excelente para base y contorno

Tenia mis reservas sobre la forma de esta brocha, pero estaba equivocada aplica la base super difuminada y no deja rayas, la forma es ideal para contorno en crema y deja un acabado divino. Tambien la use para rubor en crema y funciona muy bien si te gusta el rubor difuminado. Si tienes otras brochas de la serie Fusion te va a encantar esta version de esa combinacion de pelo.

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Amy S.
Versatile Treasure

This brush is an absolute winner. I thought my favorite foundation brush was a tie between the jumbo base and my BK beauty 101 then this brush came into my life. This shape can be used to brush on foundation and moves around all of my features with ease. It’s easy to get into all the corners, around the eyes, between and around the brows. It can be used to blend out concealer and is the perfect brush for cream contour. I don’t use this for blush but for everything else it is perfect. Not to mention the stunning handle common to all the Lotus brushes. I can’t recommend this one enough. Well done Sonia G! I have two because I loved my first one so much. Get it before it’s gone!

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S J.
Beautiful, soft and sturdy brush.

This is a great brush that is consistent with the feel of the original Fusion series brushes. It washed well, is soft, and did not shed a hair for the last ~ week that I have used it. Per the advice of another rater and YouTuber, I have been able to use the edge for concealer. So far, every Sonia G brush I have purchased (I have about 13) except for the Niji has been amazing. I may not use every one every day but I see no need to sell them. I absolutely love Fude brushes.

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Severine F.
Poudre, crème, liquide

Ce lotus base est très versatile. Je l'utilise principalement avec des produits crème mais il fonctionne très bien avec des produits liquides ou des poudres.Je le trouve excellent car il épouse parfaitement la forme de mon visage lorsque j'applique mon bronzer crème. Je n'ai jamais eu un pinceau comme celui-ci qui applique le bronzer PRÉCISÉMENT où je veux notamment au niveau du front. Celui-là me permet de ne pas descendre le bronzer au milieu du front 😁 je peux estomper le bronzer délicatement et précisément autour des oreilles et de la mâchoire. Je l'ai utilisé aussi avec des produits liquides comme blush ou highlighter et cela fonctionne très bien. Je prends la matière et la place avec le haut des poils et j'estompe avec un côté du pinceau et c'est placé immédiatement. Je l'ai testé avec une poudre lumineuse compacte pour appliquer sur les contours du visage et là encore il fait le travail correctement : le produit est placé, estompé rapidement. Une très belle réussite. Ses poils sont d'une douceur infinie telle une caresse sur la peau .

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Yuliana  G.

Perfecta aplicación de maquillaje líquido me encanta por suave, hace muy buen trabajo la recomiendo 100%

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Jennifer W.
Everyone needs the Lotus Base!

This brush is outstanding! It takes some breaking in, so wash it first, let it dry, and then apply foundation using one of the sides (not flipping back and forth using both). The reason I say that is because using only one side starts pushing the bristles back and creates a subtle angle which makes the bristles work in the most perfect, cushiony way creating an effortless airbrushed finish which I thought was not possible. It applies just enough foundation for a good coverage without overdoing it, and the finish is so skin like which was very difficult for me to achieve before getting this brush! I am thrilled. Also, it is amazing with blush (powder, although I'm sure it is excellent with cream too) as it also perfectly diffuses the color, and the fanned shape creates a beautiful rounded upper cheek look (not sure how to describe it well enough). It is also excellent for applying contour, and chiseling out features including the nose. It really does everything so well that if someone could only get one face brush, this would be an excellent choice. I love it!

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Kelly C.
Small but Stealthy

This is a deceptively petite brush but wow, does it get the job done well. Lovely foundation distribution, with an added benefit of getting the most out of a very small amount of product. I use it for cream and liquid bases, and even concealer in a pinch.

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Diane M.
Absolutely a Beautiful brush

I was very happy to see I could order the fan brush by itself. What I wasn't expecting was to be really surprised at how beautiful this brush is in person. The pictures do not fully convey the craftsmanship and the effect of seeing the brush's rich purplet handle. The brush is soft as expected and I can't wait to try it it.

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Deborah  E.
Love it...

Great size. I use it to apply foundation. No streaking. Lovely for this purpose. I assume it would also be nice for contouring.

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