Sonia G.

Fusion Series


Dana K.
I’m glad i took the plunge !
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t took me some times and long hours of watching many reviews about sonia g brushes before i finally decided to get one. I was interested in getting the jumbo base as i was struggling to find a great complexion brush. I have bought a lot of complexion brushes range from 10$ to 99$ and some works fine, some expensive one i read people rave about doesn’t work as well for me and i ended up using it for my cream bronzer. So i was quite nervous when i bought this especially because i had to buy it in set because the jumbo base individual brush wasn’t available. After a good wash which surprisingly took a short time to dry but i let it air dry for 2 days to be sure before i used it and omg the jumbo base is everything i ever wanted in a complexion brush !! I tried it on my most “difficult” complexion product i have and it works sooo beautifully and effortlessly ! I used the classic base for my cream bronzer and althought i found it too small for my taste but it works well and how it spread the product prevent me from applying too much, i also used the mini base for my cream blush and it works wonderful! I have become a fans of sonia g brushes, i wish i bought this earlier so I didn’t waste much money on other brushes !

Nicci A.
Nothing else compares
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I never realized how important or how different makeup brushes can help with the makeup process. I love these brushes. No other brushes compare. When it comes to liquids. For foundation, cream blush, and cream bronzer. These brushes are amazing. The only thing that shocked ke was I bought these August of 2021 and my jumbo base has broken and seperated where I believe the ferel and handle connect. So my husband glued it. So im not sure what happened. I do not put my brushes under water. So thats not it. I only dip the hair in soap and put only the hair under water when im cleaning them. So I thought they would last longer. That still does not matter cause I will always keep buying these brushes as long as they are around.

Maria del Rocio D.
Una de mis mejores compras!

Me encanta cada una de estas brochas, son súper versátiles dan un acabado perfecto, fáciles de lavar, suaves en la piel, las recomiendo al 100%

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Laura  F.
Amazing brushes for aged skin

I love all the brushes on this mixed bristle set. SO versatile and convenient with all variety of products. The foundation application is flawless and the same for concealer. I'm over 70's and although my skin is in good condition, I cannot deny my lines. This set is very benevolent and apply the products so well that I cannot make any complaint. I totally recommend this set.

Gulnur O.
The bredt brushes

I normally don’t write a review but these brushes deserve it. I have 3 of the brushes and love them so much. They are compact (which I love) but not too dense and not too soft. They do a good job with blending cream products. I have used them in one week and they haven’t shade yet. Finally they are luxurious and feel so nice in your hand and on the face. I’m going to buy more of brushes.

Hao L.
First Sonia G and so far the best

This is the first set I ordered and surprisingly the best among all my Sonia Gs . All brushes can be used during my makeup process, and function excellent with both cream and powder products. And If it’s not currently sold out, I would have order one more set.

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Lindsae D.
Best Brushes

These brushes are absolutely perfect! They’re so soft and blend better than anything I’ve used so far. I have ditched my beauty blender completely. I thought I didn’t like the Dior concealer until I used these to blend it out. I’ve even noticed that my tinted moisturizer looks better for longer and doesn’t seem to settle into my pores and smile lines as much. I wish I had purchased these sooner!

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Camille R.

I have been doing makeup for about 10 years and I’ve used MANY brands of brushes so I didn’t expect my reaction to these brushes. These brushes are by far the BEST brushes I’ve ever used. Super soft & gentle on the skin & They applied my foundation literally like no other! My makeup has never looked smoother and more flawless then it has with this collection. I’m truly blown away by them and will slowly but surely be converting my entire brush collection to hers.

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May H.

With the exception of the Soft Concealer brush, the other four brushes are dense. More dense than other Sonia G brushes. They feel even softer than the natural hair brushes by Sonia G. I have nearly all of the red handled Sonia G brushes. There is the perfect amount of flex to the brush hairs. You would not know these were a mix of synthetic hair if it didn't say so in the description. No hairs have come out during washing. I highly recommend this set. I've been waiting for cream and foundation brushes by Sonia G for years. These were worth the wait. I selected Express shipping. Arrived in Australia in about 5 days.

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Anita H.
THE best brush set EVER created

This is by far the best brush set I've owned. I'd give it 10 stars ********** if I could. I've used it to apply liquid foundation, cream bronzer/contour, liquid blush, cream eyeshadow, and powder pastel eyeshadow. Everything applied so smoothly, and the hair is oh-so-soft!!

I had pico laser and used this set 2 days after. It didn't scratch my super tender skin at all and the tinsy wounds healed fast and beautifully.

I decided to use it with pastel eyeshadows, as Natasha Denona recently showed tutorials using denser brushes with her pastel palette. It's like combining the work of two geniuses on a beauty fool like me. Not much effort is needed for blending and packing on the light colors.

I wish Sonia could consider an eye brush set for multichrome and liquid/cream shadows. That would be phenomenal!

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