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Builder Three

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Josephine L.
Very similar to my mac 139 but somehow it's just not the same

Don't get me wrong, I love this brush. It's the same excellent quality and craftsmanship as all other sonia G brushes but I guess my expectation was to find a dupe for my OG and now discontinued Mac 139. This comes JUST short. It just doesn't pack as intensely or efficiently as my MAC. The shape is EXTREMELY similar. This brush is ultra soft, very dense, similar shape but just a tad bit thicker. I believe my Mac hairs are coarser, not as soft, pricklier and therefore picks up more shadow.

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Vanessa S.
A nice soft packing brush, with excellent pick up power but lacking precision.
Photo of product included with review by Vanessa S.

This is a great brush for picking up and packing shadow on the lid. I know that this is the smallest of the builders, but I honestly can't imagine using a larger lay-down eye brush on my hooded lids and limited lid-space. It is very soft, much softer than the original MAC 239 and the newer 239S.

It isn't a perfect dupe for the 239, but it's a nice packing brush in its own right. It's a little shorter than the 239 and a little bit wider in its shape. I also feel that it doesn't taper as much as the 239, so it's a little denser and less precise if you are using the tip of the brush (for example, to smoke out a lower lash line.)

I included a photo comparing the packing brushes I own. From the bottom, the Chikuhodo GSN 9 (the softest option, longer and thinner than the 239, applies shadow in a softer finish due to the squirrel hair), Buillder Three (best pick-up of pigment, applies it evenly, but does lack some precision compared to the 239), 239 and 239S (both of which feel rough compared to the GSN-9 and Builder Three), the Rephr #2 (which is quite firm and paddle-like compared to any of these. Despite being undyed goat, it almost feels synthetic and would probably work great with creams), and the Sigma E55 (which is the best synthetic option imo).

In my opinion, this is not the brush to get if you're looking for a multi-tasker or if you like soft washes of color on the lid. (I would look into the Worker Pro or Worker Three for that instead.) It is the brush to get if you want maximum pigment deposit on the lid, and you don't mind using another brush for detail work or a soft blend.

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Danielle N.
Great “everything” brush

This brush is really phenomenal. It’s so soft and well made, and can do anything. From laying product on the lid, to blending into the crease. It’s the perfect size for my eyes and it really is one of my work horses

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Iris G.
This is amazing makeup brush

This brush applys my shimmer shadows easy. & I also use it to put shadow in my corners. Sonia G is my favorite brushes.

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Sacha Z.
Ferrule is too soft

They are not that soft on face brushes and round eye brushes. So I tain it is possible to improve the ferrule.

I have 2 of this brush.

Manuela S.
klein und fein

Das ist ein wirklich besonderer Pinsel, den ich täglich in Benutzung habe und von dem ich gern noch einen weiteren hätte. Ich habe kleine Augenlider und er nimmt sehr gut Farbe auf und gibt sie wirklich präzise wieder ab. Ich liebe ihn.

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Julia L.
If a finger was a brush, this would be it!

I used to struggle with fallout from applying shimmery and glittery eyeshadows with my fingers. This brush was the solution to the annoying fallout! It applies these shadows just like my finger tips but no fallout. I was honestly so surprised. I find I also don't need to pack on as much product to get the same intensity. Love this brush!

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Sara G.
New Favorite All Around Brush

Great Brush for laying down color, layering and blending. Its density and tapered end allow are perfect for adding color to lower lashes and outer eye, going along the eye crease and Blending, laying down lid color. If you need to pack minimally and take just one eye brush, this is a great one.

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Isabelle G.
In Love

Some will say that if you are not makeup artist, then it is wasting your money to spend it on such luxurious objects. I'm not makeup artist. I hesitated very (too) long before embarking on this acquisition. After a few days of use, I know, on the contrary, that if you are not makeup artist, and you are in love with nice results, then it is better to invest in real good tools such as those of Sonia G or Wayne Goss. Indeed, these objects are so well made that they guide you. Their use is very intuitive and the results impressive. You can't imagine the frustration-coupled dissatisfaction that could have dialled me after 20 to 25 minutes of makeup without getting what I want to get. Since I received these brushes, my makeup has been transformed. Actually. Oh, really. I manage to position the color accurately, exactly where I want, which was not the case with my other tools. A real treat.

Builder Three: A little thinner than the Builder Two, this one has the same capabilities, while being a little bit more accurate

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Lesley  Y.

This is the best 239-style laydown brush in the entire universe, and yes, this is the hill I'll die on and I will fight you if you disagree. Even though the specs appear identical to the 239, Builder 3 seems larger than that brush in practice. There's something about the rigidity and inflexibility of the brush (thanks to its ultra density) that allows me to utilize more surface area from ferrule to tip than the 239. Goat hair fibres that has been treated with dye also becomes more porous through that process, which gives dyed goat the advantage of having better grip with powder products and thus, superior pigmentation with minimal fallout.

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