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Oxy-Recharge Bubble Mask


Diana P. Team

I love this product! It smells delicious and lemon-y, and leaves my skin looking bright and luminous. I tend to think of it more as a treatment than a mask exactly since you don't leave it on very long, only about a minute overall. I love the bubble sensation, almost a bit like pop rocks, tingly but not painful at all. It takes a few pumps to get a thick layer all over and then it bubbles and turns into foam like magic. Then when you rub it in, you can tell it's exfoliating and getting rid of dirt and oil because it balls up and you can rinse it all away!

This is such an enjoyable mask to use and I love that you can give your skin some extra care even when you're short on time. Plus, my skin looks gorgeous afterwards!

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Keah P.
What is this???

So, half the time this mask bubbles as decribed, half the time it immediately turns in to the little pieces you're supposed to rub off after the bubbling. The rest of the time, it doesn't do much of anything. Maybe the directions aren't clear enough? It's am awful lot of money to spend on something that "sort of" works... not really seeing any results anyway. I would definitely not reccomend this product. There are much better masks for his price point.