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Michi L.
Unexpected finds!

I originally got this set to test out the lip2cheek and living luminizer. Ended up absolutely loving master mixer on the eyes -- I wear it on top of a cream matte eyeshadow (usually the ilia multistick/matte pigments) and it's so pretty placed in the center of the lid! I just love this combination for an easy everyday minimal makeup look, so convenient and easy.

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Ceci W.
Feels cheap and doesn't work for darker skin tones

Hello! Unfortunately this item didn't work for me. Both lip to cheeks made me look dead when applied to the lips. Spell didn't even show up on my cheeks. Smile looked great on my cheeks however, but it was too pale on my lips. The living luminizer and the master mixture were both nice and the lip balm was nice as well, but for 44$ it just didn't cut it. I will be purchasing the master mixer living luminizer and lip balm sepreatly because even though 3/5 worked out for me, the packaging feels incredibly cheap. The other RMS products that have feel cute and are nice to display but as much as I like simple packaging I expect luxury brands to put some kind of effort in the presentation. I shouldn't be able to compar it to my baby sister play makeup set. If the other two items worked for me I would have just kept the product despite the packaging but alas, ''tis not the case. For reference I am NC 40 in Mac shades, and 44 in the RMS uncover up which is in fact a wonderful product by the way.

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Jennifer S.
great intro/travel sets!

I purchased both the mod and the pop signature set at once. Mostly because A. I travel a lot and B. I have been wanting to try the luminizers and the lip- 2 -cheeks but couldn't decide on which colors I wanted. These sets allow you to try smaller versions of multiple colors so you can decide which ones you love enough to buy in full size form. Previous reviews have had a lot to say about how small the amounts are...but I feel that they're perfect for traveling. You get lots of products in one little compact which is always better than lugging around tons of product. Again, if you view them as a great product for traveling and/or an intro set for the indecisive they're PERFECT. If you're expecting a huge palette, you'll be disappointed. The products themselves exceed expectation...the colors are well curated in these palettes (mod being very natural and pop having a big more spice). Textures are great, product quality is wonderful. Beware of keeping these products in a hot or super warm environment...lots of Rms products are made with coconut oil and they'll melt in the heat. The luminizers are SO SO beautiful. The most perfect highlighters i've ever tried. The burirti bronzer is also a super great product! The lip 2 cheeks blend beautifully and have a great texture. The skin/lip balms are ok, there are definitely better lip balms out there in the world (glossier balm.com) but it's still nice to have them all tucked into a convenient little compact. Wish there was a mirror but I guess you can't have it all :). Super happy with these palettes!

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Chloe Z.

I absolutely love this palette and it has changed how I do my makeup everyday. It goes on like a dream and blends beautifully. I got the Mod palette but I would actually recommend the Pop for others because I don't think that anyone needs both the luminizer and the master mixer in one palette. The palette looks super natural on, but your makeup also looks finished and polished. All of the products in the palette also blend really nicely together so you can make your own lip/cheek colors.

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Ilze R.

I love it. First time i try RMS. I was scared, that it can be not the same quality as separate products, but i don't think it can get better. The highlighter.... i have no words, its my favourite one. Its intense, but no shimmers. Shimmer highlight you can by everywhere, but not this one. Maybe i don't find a lot of use of master mixer, because on eyes it crease fast, but its beautiful anyway... the cheek/lip colours... i would never buy it separately, because i would think i can live without it. No. They are so nice. On cheeks its looks sooo natural and stay all day. On lips, despite that its palm, it also stays long and you can make light or more intense colour easy. The orange colour is good to brighten up any lipstick and the more bronze colour to cool down too bright one. The coconut palm....i don't find that my lips like it very much, but for travel purpose its nice to have it in this palette. I gave 4 stars, because i really missed mirror. Its perfect palette to throw in bag, but with no mirror i need to take other thing with mirror and then hold both things in one hand and with other try to apply, because thats how things happen when you are moving and in rush.

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