Matte Lipstick

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Rebecca M.
This was my first nude lipstick

I used this back when I was into the whole emo/scene look. I loved this lipstick very much and how it was matte but not very drying. The nude color is very nude and looks like you have no lips but with a little bit of pink lipgloss this looks great.

Daniel C.
An exciting NUDE color!!

This lipstick is my newest obsession to coordinate with smokey, dramatic eyes. It is the perfect shade of pink/brown. The brown component of nude lipsticks alone is BORING, but a touch of PINK and it makes nude lips, exciting! Get this shade of lipstick, it is the BEST!! I LOVE IT!

Kendra C.
I really wanted to like this.

I have been searching all over for the perfect nude lipstick and I really thought I found it in Nude Attitude. What a miss. I put it on my lips and it's ok but before long it turns very dry and chalky looking and then It settles in the lines of my lips and looks horrible. I'm wondering if it's just the shade or all the concept of this lipstick :(

Chrissy S.
The product is great, but not the color!

I've heard mixed reviews on the shade Nude Attitude, and before I really got into makeup, I used to love it. Now I've realized I love the product itself and NOT the color. The nude color doesn't work with a lot of skintones (has a strange yellowish-orange hue to it) making it a very hard color to work with. I would give the application of the product four stars and the color two stars, so I settled halfway to combine the two. I need to try some of the other shades in this collection that will hopefully work for me better!

Christina K.

This i by far my favorite nude lipstick ever!! I coudnt find one that was just right. Not to dark & not to light. And a youtube guru told me about this & I had to try it out & I fell in LOVE!!!

Julianne J.
Love these lipsticks, NOT this shade!

I recently purchased Pink Pout and Sky Pink after wanting them for the longest time and they are PERFECT. I was hunting for the perfect, blue/yellow based pink, Barbie pink, Nicki Minaj pink- and I hit the jackpot! Anyway, I'll rave about those in a separate review. The Nude Attitude shade I got a long time ago, before I knew about the amazing pinks in their matte line. I couldn't really see the true color of the lipstick through the clear window, and of course, the sticker with the name and shade was misleading. When I put it on, it looked like an orange concealer! I know I can "resurrect" this by mixing and adding diff. products over it to fix the super warm shade, but I was so annoyed by this! In the meantime, I'll use this as concealer if need be, and I'll use it in my MUA kit for people with warmer undertones. So, it wasn't a complete fail, but I was sort of bummed, to say the least.

Laura G.
Girl Take Out of Poplaur Most

i dont remember that day i took the lipstick nude, my sister asked me what is color. its was nude attitude.. i even not think how take back then. so yes i had remember that girls who live in los angeles , all girls love nude pencial all the time and with their lip fullet a color lip penical. now i using sometime, depend how match the dress daily.

Paige N.

This is by far my favorite lipstick PERIOD. I'm very picky when it comes to nude lips, and this shade made me a happy girl. I'll have to admit, it looks a bit orange by itself. I have to use a nude lipgloss over it. I use Bonnebell's Lip lites in Cappuccino. The combination works beautifully. Great for everyday.

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Kayli H.
Exfoliate VERY VERY VERY VERY well before

This lipsticks looks absolutely DISGUSTING if you don't have perfectly smooth lips. I am one of those girls who literally ALWAYS has dry lips, and this is just nooooot good if you're flaky like me. It brings it out so much its ridiculous!

However!! I do put this on when I want to exfoliate because it shows me exactly where I need to do my stuff hahaha :) It does a very god job when you use it like that!!

Also, this is not a nude, it is DEFINITELY orange-y, but it brings out my blue eyes so that's ok haha:)

Norah D.

I love this stuff. I doesn't seem to dry out my lips at all (then again, I wear a lip balm under everything). It is a shade or two off from being totally nude on me, but that's a good thing.