Colorburst Lip Butter


Taylor P.

Revlon lip butters are by far my favorite lip product ever!! I will never stop using them! I don't really like the thickness of normal lipsticks which is why i LOVE these products. They are so soft on your lips. and the shades are great also. They have such a great range of color. I would recommend these to all of my friends! I even got my mom to try them!! yay! :)

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Ciara H.
Great product!

I have quite a few of these, but 'Berry Smoothie' is the one I'm using most lately. They're so good! They're like a cross between lipstick and balm. Great range of shades too, I can't get enough of them :)

Holly K.
I love it!!

I bought this a few weeks ago and this has not left my purse since then. The color is gorgeous on my pale skin. The one that I have ( Berry smoothie) is very pigmented. It still has the texture of a lip balm. They're very moisturizing too which need because I have a bad habit of licking and biting my lips whenever I'm thinking or nervous. I'm going to the store tomorrow and getting creme brûlée. Hopefully it's there his time. The display is almost always close to empty.

Deresha T.

I love this lip butter it is so smooth and moisturizing on my lips. I love that it is sheer but you can build the color up for good pigmentation.

Gabby N.
My favorite Lipbutter

This is my lip color but better. These lip butter keep my lips moisturized and gives them a tint of color. I own about seven of these lip butters and I love them all but this one is my favorite one.

Kirsten C.

I LOVE THESE! I have only been able to try 1 so far since they all seem to be sold out, but I really love this color. I love how it glides on smooth & has a nice amount of pigment. Its not sheer like a gloss, nor opaque like a lipstick. I WILL BE BUYING MORE OF THESE!

Shelley W.

I was kinda hesitant on picking this up because I tried Loreal Lip Butter and the shade was non existent on my lips. Revlon's version changed my mind quickly. I was blown away by the intensity of the color. I hate the fact that it doesn't stick around for very long and I'm having to re-apply every 2 hours but overall its not a deal breaker for me at all. Revlon did a great job on this one and I hope this becomes perm in the Revlon family.

Meagan A.
New Lip product favorite

I've gotta say that I had wanted to purchase this ever since it came out but waited to see reviews and Youtube videos. Then one day I stumbled upon them at Target and they were on sale! I picked up Berry Smoothie and it's a wonderful moisturizing and non-sticky lip product. I love it and will definitely be repurchasing. This shade is great for medium skintones.

Connie A.

I recently purchased a couple of these and after trying them on I love them! They feel great on the lips, are moisturizing, and the colors are so pretty! My favorite at the moment has to be berry smoothie, I wear it almost every day!.

Stacey S.

I jumped on the bandwagon, and for good reason. These products are awesome Berry Smoothie is the cliche my lips but better. I just love it. There isn't much other to say than the creamy application, the long lasting color, and the moisturizing feeling sets this product apart from the others. I also have Raspberry Pie, which was SO PIGMENTED ( a little too much for my taste) however it makes a beautiful blush color that just looks amazing once blended! Revlon really takes the cake with lipsticks in general in my opinion.