The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash


Jenna G.
best fave wash EVER !

I bought this and have been using it since november. I use it just about everyday with my clarisonic brush. My skin has never felt so good. It is so gentle yet you can feel that its doing its job. The only think i do not like is the smell but i got over it ha-ha

Meg C.
My skin has never felt so clean

I seriously have cleaned my face with everything and it has never felt as baby smooth and wonderful as it did after I tried this. I put on Clinque's moisturizer on after this and my face is so, so smooth. I absolutely love it. If you've ever had dry flakey skin and nothing has worked on it, definitely try this.

Mary C.

I know they say you can use this daily but I don't. I use it every other day after my workouts. It leaves my face feeling pretty good.