Hope In A Jar


Theresa G.
My favorite moisturizer.

This moisturizer is my favorite moisturizer out of all the moisturizers I have tried.I bought the largest size after buying a small trail size. And I have had it now for 9 months now I am pretty sure it is going to last me a year. I use his EVERYDAY. it is such a light weight formula. I love it! I have deffinitly seen a difference in my skins appearance with the constant use of this product along with HELP ME. I love that it doesn't take forever for the skin to absorb the product making makeup application a bit faster : )

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Leanna G.
Worth the money

Okay, the smell isn't that great, but I could not care less as this is the only moisturizer I've found that keeps away dry patches in the winter while also being light enough for use in the summer. At $78 for 4 oz it's more than a splurge but the jar lasts me around 8 months with near-daily use so it's a purchase I can justify.

Mary C.
A miss!

I heard all the chatter about how great of a moisturizer it was suppose to be. OMG! Not for my dry skin. It did nothing to add moisture to my skin at all. I had to use another moisturizer after using it.