Hope In A Jar


Julie A.

I have combo/dry skin that gets really dry/tight feeling in the winter months. I've tried a ton of different moisturizers from high end to drug store and none of them really worked for me. I heard a lot about Hope in a Jar and decided to purchase the small .5oz jar at Sephora. It took me about a month 1/2 to go through the bottle but I was instantly hooked. The texture is a bit weird and took me a while to get used to. Its not thick, but its not a gel..its quite odd. However, it made my skin so velvety soft and even made my skin appear more luminious and awake looking (which I noticed after the product was used up and my skin starting looking dull again). The scent is not so great, but thankfully it fades after a few minutes. My only complaint about this product was I wish it was a bit stronger so instead of repurchasing this formulation I picked up When Hope is Not Enough. So far, thats been much better for my dry skin! Oh and neither of them have upset my t-zone area, which tends to breakout with the slightest change in my skincare routine.

Stephanie R.
Not so great

I'm really glad I bought the smallest size to try this pout before I splurged on the bigger jar. I really feel like product is almost water based. It really does not do a great job at moisturizing. I actually went right to my Sephora Instant Moisture moisturizer to fulfill my needs!!! So all in all, this product does not suit my needs. I'm personally better off with the Sephora brand.