NYX Cosmetics

Eyeshadow Trio


Pamela D.

The formula of these has absolutely improved over the years! I used to not like some of them (the light purples) because of pigmentation issues, but I find that that isn't the case anymore. I wish I had more of these! I threw away a palette a year or so ago and I'm kicking myself for it. I also had Golden/Rust/Walnut and I loved that gold color. I don't have an issue with staying power for these, though sometimes they can have a bit of fallout. I recommend applying these with a primer. I use UDPP, and sometimes a NYX jumbo pencil to supplement the color.

Jennifer Z.

I love the Aloha/mink brown/ and deep bronze. It is my favorite neutral eye look yet it adds a nice glow to your eyes, the trio is not matt...it has a pearlescent glow which I love =] so if you like that *I recommend this trio*

Rachel M.

SOFTEST EYESHADOWS EVER. That's kiind of a bad thing though, considering that means you have to be extra careful not to drop them! Seriously, one little crack and it becomes a powdery mess. I really love the color payoff and I will definitely buy more of these bad boys.