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Nadine S.
I like the pearl

I bought all three of these eyeshadow base. In true means, I personally felt that the pearl base brought out most of the color in all my eyeshadows. Whenever I had a bridal gig or any other makeup gig, I have used pearl to make product stand out more. Other bases are alright. I think its a good investment to make if you want something affordable that makes the eyeshadows more vivid in tone.

Katherine N.

I love this product. It makes my eyeshodow look amazing and it stays on for the whole night.Specially when I go out! Love it!!!! Its very good for the day as well, at my job I have to be on the street a lot and even when I sweat my eyeshow stays on.

Christine S.

It works and creates a lovely shimmer to use alone or underneath eyeshadow. I prefer the eyeshadow pencils, but this is a good shade to use if you're on the go and just want a little color on your eyes.

Laura E.
A brightening eye primer that makes any eye colour pop!

I have been really keen to try one of the NYX Eyeshadow bases, as I knew they were a great base for any vibrant eyeshadow to apply over the top and are similar to the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils.

The packaging says it is 'For 100x brightening effect' and 'set's base camp for true stay on, stay put, long eye shadow colours!'

'Maximize the intensity, longevity and unashamed brilliance of your eye shadow statements with our eye shadow primer pots. Each of the three NYX Eye Shadow Bases for vibrant, pearl or neutral tones—creates a smooth canvas for colour, increases its durability and prevents fallout.' Is how it is described on the NYX UK Website. As eye primers go I am a big fan as they intensify the shadow colour, have longevity and they help grip the shadow well.

These come in White, White Pearl and Skin Tone.

PACKAGING This comes in a clear plastic pot with a white lid. It contains 7g's of product, whereas the Bobbi Brown Long -Wear Cream Shadow only has 3.5g of product. NYX Products are also hypoallergenic, cruelty free and recyclable.

TEXTURE This feels like a lightweight cream which is silky and smooth in texture and not heavy on the eye at all.

COVERAGE This covered the eye well and is buildable; it blends out with no build up or flaking on the eye.

APPLICATION I used a MAC 242 to apply the base, but you can also use your finger to apply and blend. I felt the product applied really well to the eye and when applying the eyeshadow on top, it adhered better than not using a base or primer at all, it made the shadow pop and showed it's true colour.

LONGEVITY The longevity of the product was great, I had no creasing and my eyeshadow stayed in place all day still showing the shadow's true colour with no dullness.

PRICE This is a snip at only £5 such great value for such a large amount of product whereas Bobbi Brown Long -Wear Cream Shadow is £18 for half the product which essentially does the same job.

FINAL THOUGHT This is defiantly worth every penny as it has a light weight consistency and great staying power. It also helps maximise shadow pigment and is amazing value for money which makes this is a must have for any staple make-up bag! I would love to see NYX come out with a selection of Coloured Eyeshadow Bases next.

I award this product 4.5 out of 5.

Chrissy S.

This product does work, but I've used a few better eyeshadow bases before. I found out that if you put a thin layer of the product on your eyelid, it works a lot better than applying an average amount.

Milaynie K.

This eyeshadow base is a great way to make your eyeshadow colors stand out. The colors also hold for a very long time and don't fade or smudge out. I hardly use eyeshadow anymore without it!

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Chioma N.
I love it!

It makes my eyeshadow stand out, especially when I use bright colors. Last long, too. I have oily lids so it keep them from being so oily. Can't wait to try out the other shades! ♥

Ali R.
Does what it claims to do!

I bought this base and it's great for my cheaper eyeshadows. It brightens the colors right up and they never crease! This was my first Nyx product and I'm definitely going back for more! The only downside is that after a few hours, it seems to sink into the skin of my lids and become less vibrant but it's still pretty amazing. There's tons of product and for three bucks, you can't beat it!

Adriana M.
Not Impressed

When I purchased this product, it was my first impression of an eyeshadow base and I simply wasn't impressed. The pearl finish wasn't flattering because it outshined all other eyeshadows that I applied on top. It didn't mix too well with my eyeshadows. Alone, its similar to a cute, shimmery cream eyeshadow but I personally disliked the texture. I also think it has too much shimmer.

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Kassandra A.
Love the Color!

Love It! But not for an everday use, it's really shimmery and gives my eye a pop which i like but it's more for weekends or going out!