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Nudestix Skin Pencil Blur


Skin Pencil


The Nudestix Blur Pencil is an instant line, crease, and pore blurring pencil that creates a smoother looking skin texture. Dehydrated hyaluronic acid spheres penetrate and swell up with moisture in the skin, quickly filling creases and providing long-lasting hydration. Vitamin C & E soothe skin.

• Hyaluronic Acid provides a long-lasting hydration thanks to a micro-reservoir effect. • Vitamin E and C to soothe skin • Paraben free • No animal testing

Tips for Use: Draw and smudge over lines, wrinkles, creases and pores to smooth and plump the skin.

2.8 g / 0.10 oz

“‘Are you there, God? It’s me, the eczema patches on Krista’s neck and cheeks.‘ That’s going to be the last thing my dry spots utter when they meet up with this awesome chubby pencil...”

Four pencils designed to be used to help your skin and makeup look even more perfect and glowy while you're on-the-go. Keep reading for Beautylish writer Krista's hilarious review on the Nudestix Skin Pencils.

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