Photography Fluid, Opacity 12%

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Elle V.
I really wish it worked out...

I had really high hopes for this product with all the reviews I've read and the premise that it would give flawless skin without foundation? Yes please! Now, I don't wear foundation but I do wear a primer/base (usually something of the illuminating kind) and just spot conceal if I have any blemishes. So I was very excited for this to arrive - upon initial application, I really loved the finish it gave my skin. I was radiant - it gave my skin that natural glow/lit from within look. I also found that I didn't use as much concealer as I usually do (meaning I didn't have to conceal the slight redness on the apples of my cheeks) so that was a plus!

But then after a couple hours, I noticed a spot on my cheek that definitely was not there before I applied it. I ignored it and figured it was a hormonal thing but then as I continued to use it the next 3 days, I noticed more break outs in places where I usually don't get breakouts. I know it was from this product because I wasn't using anything else new. Sad to say, it didn't work out for me - I have a suspicion it's because of all the silicone.. I'll still keep it for if I want to brave it and want to look glowy and picture perfect but I definitely wouldn't use it everyday again.

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Amit C.

So so good! Makes the skin glow but in the most natural beautiful way! It has slight green to it which color corrects, but it blends right in so no worries! Every time I wear this I get so many compliments! Highly recommended

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Angela T.
Too white

I read reviews and had high hopes for it. But when I tried it on my face, instead of giving the flawless skin look, I looked more like the Bride of Frankenstein. It was so white, it was unbelievable.

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Christina  R.
Miracle in a bottle!!

Omg, so I didn’t want to buy into the hype of this product but it has changed my face! I use it alone all over my face when I’m having a natural no makeup day, it leaves my skin glowing and so healthy looking. And under makeup it just makes my makeup go on so beautifully and gives a radiant glow from within, I have oily combo skin and this doesn’t make me more oily than normal, I even bought this in “tan” for when I want a more tan complexion after I self tan my body, I don’t use self tanner on my face because it clogs my pores, and this stuff is just beautiful!!

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Christine P.
Disappointing product from NIOD line!

I love products from NIOD line, but this is a big disappointment! I'd like to put it in the center of my face because that's where I want to blur imperfections , such as redness and large pores. But, this product is a bit too thick for my liking and leaves my nose area cakey after a few hours. So, I avoid my T-zones where I tend to get oily and apply it where I want some highlights, such as my cheekbones. And, this works for me--it gives me a nice glow! However, I probably will not repurchase this item and look for something lighter in texture.

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Jessie K.
Still testing

I’m still testing this product out so not sure I can give it five stars but so far I’m liking it a lot it gives such a beautiful healthy glowing complexion and every time I where it I get looks from people and admiring my skin which is not normally my best feature so far so good!!!!

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Christine P.
Disappointing product from NIOD line!

I love NIOD products, as they deliver what they claim. But, this one really disappointed me! While it's true that it gives you a subtle radiance, the thick texture leaves my nose area CAKEY after some time--perhaps a few hours later. (FYI-I have normal to dry skin and oily T-zones.) I normally mix this product with my primer before I apply my foundation because it's difficult to spread it easily on my face. Unfortunately, the texture is just too THICK for my liking. I honestly don't like the end result.

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Taylor R.
The disappointment is REAL.

I purchased this after I saw Jamie Genevieve rave about it. However, I was super disappointed in this product. Not only did it make me look insanely dry (I looked scaly like a snake) but it also didn’t give me any type of “glow” or help with any of my redness. I was so unsure of what this product was actually supposed to do so I just ended up returning it. Super disappointed.

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