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Photography Fluid Tan, Opacity 8%


Bria J.
I really wanted to like this product from NIOD

I really wanted to like this product from NIOD, I’ve been a longtime fan of the Hylamide brand from Deciem for a couple of years now. NIOD is supposed to be the most advanced of the Deciem brands and I would hope so with the price tag of some of their items.

This was simply a miss for me, I did not notice as significant a boost in radiance as I would have liked to see. The formula is quite thin and upon application it doesn’t leave any kind of thick film. When I look at the picture I can see that the areas where the Photography fluid was applied are reflecting more like but meh, where is my “instant blur?” I was not looking for instantly flawless skin nor anything blinding or metallic but I did want to notice a difference upon application to the face and I just wasn’t as wow’d by it as I wanted to be. It has now since been returned and I am awaiting my refund. Nearly forgot to mention that another thing about this item that started off my impression of it in a negative way was that upon the initial opening the dropper wasn’t working it was stopped up with a booger of product that I had to use one of my embroidery needles to release it and activate the dropper. To me that says either the formula is bad or more likely these have been just sitting around because wiser people chose not to buy it.

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Emily katherine N.
Perfect addition to my tinted moisturizer and/or cream foundation

I have super sensitive skin and am beyond picky about my products as just about anything will cause a breakout for me. I will say that not every product from NIOD works for me but the ones that do are simply irreplaceable. This is one of those products. I love it because it gives me a natural glow without using makeup. It does blur imperfections but it does not erase them which is an important distinction to keep in my mind. I am fair skinned so the glow is certainly noticeable so I make sure to use it on my neck as well to keep the natural look. It is very lightweight and mixes well with my moisturizer or my foundation if I am using makeup.

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