Hydration Vaccine


Laura L.
Great treatment

I made the mistake of drying out my already normal to dry skin. I used Sunday Riley's ceramic slip cleanser for a couple of months. If you have oily skin go for it! This really does the job! My skin on the other hand had dry patches, was peeling, and I had dark blemishes on both cheeks that were dehydrated little circles. So I read about this hydration vaccine. I've been using oil + light moisturizer for a year. Niod says that oils are like a quick fix bandaid- not exact words- and this treats dehydration. Sounded good to me, but a few reviews on here had me worried about how it would look under makeup. Incidentally at the same time I was thinking of trying charlottes magic cream. I had a sample of it and found it def wasn't hydrating enough for my dehydrated skin. So after googling more hydration vaccine reviews I decided to give it a try in place of oil ( I was using herbivore Phoenix btw). Honestly my skin is sooooo much better and I've only been using it for 5 days! The blemishes are gone. It pairs nicely with magic cream. No residue. I have soft skin. There's no dry down in the morning before I can put on makeup. And it absolutely does not pull up or look bad under foundation. In fact it soaks into the skin and doesn't ever let itself be known to the world again. Highly recommend.

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Marianne O.
Works well

I use the little spoon from NIOD to take product from jar and I find I can control how much I need to apply (very little usually). The product works well to hydrate my skin and has not clogged my pores after about 2 weeks of daily use. I also have no problem using foundation after applying but in my morning routine I end up waiting about 30 minutes to put on makeup after skin care. I would repurchase.

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Kaila B.
Great blurring effect, doubtful on other claims

Pros: blurring, pore-filling, "locks in" moisture Cons: terrible packaging, full of silicone, looks bad under makeup

I'm still trying to figure out how to incorporate this product into my routine. I've used it in my night routine after my treatments and serums, and I noticed how nice it made my skin texture look. The product isn't hydrating on its own, so I paired with hyaluronic acid underneath and a gel-texture sleeping mask on top.

I feel like the main benefits of this product are the blurring/perfecting effect it gives, but it looks awful under makeup. I had to remove all of my makeup the first time I tried. It balls up and makes foundation look uneven.

You may like this if: - You don't wear foundation and want a blurring effect during the day - You don't care about covering your skin in potentially toxic silicone - You want to seal in your serums overnight

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Carmen K.

The texture is a gooey, waxy and yellowish paste that works wonders for my dry cheeks. I apply my toner and serums before using this product, and I feel that it does a good job at locking in moisture and my cheeks have stopped breaking out due to dehydration ever since I started using the hydration vaccine. I have combination oily skin so I avoid putting this cream to my t-zone as I worry it may clog my pores due to the high silicone content of this product.

One star off for the packaging though

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