Natasha Denona

Eyeshadow Palette 5

Pigment that goes on and on and on...

Super-saturated pigments deliver intense color payoff that stays vibrant from pan to skin. No fading, creasing, or smudging—even without primer.

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Kristy T.
Beautiful colors

I am a makeup junkie and I LOVE high quality professional makeup! With that being said, I was looking for a pretty purple/Plum eyeshadow. My friend was showing off her palettes as she is the one who introduced me To Beautylish! I love the pigment in these eyeshadows! The longevity of them aren't as great as I would expect. However, if you use a great base primer spray and a concealer or eye primer then the colors will stay all day. I plan to get some more of these palettes. I'm also wanting to get ND's highlight palette! Onesessed with her line.

asha b.

the only kind thing to say about these eyeshadows is that they're pigmented. otherwise, they are patchy, don't blend well and don't last long even with primer and setting spray. i have palettes 12 and 13. i do not understand the point of #12, the purples are horrendously patchy and dry and the color scheme?? good lord. i really like the color scheme of 13, was slightly more impressed but ultimately the really short wear time and fallout ruin them, especially for the price of this product.

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Cheng M.

This eyeshadow palette color is amazing to me🎉 I like it very much! But shimmering pressed powder silty isn't did enough!

Ellen W.
Pure Perfection

These eye shadows are simply the best. You barely have to touch them with your brush or your finger to have more than enough to do your eyes. they are smooth and creamy and stay on for hours and hours. I'm in my 60's and I can tell you even the most glittery/shiny colors look stunning. Easily blendable. So many options for color combinations. The colors in the #12 palette can create many looks. Fantastic.

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Magaly M.
Beautiful long lasting metallic finish

These eyeshadows are freaking amazing! I love glitter and metallic finishes, my personal favorites are MakeupGeek foiled eyeshadows, they are affordable, buttery and come in a variety of colors. One more personal preference is to buy small palettes or only individual since I never use all the colors when getting big palettes. This Natasha Denona palette combines both preferences. Quality, color, finish, everything is amazing but the thing that amazes me the most is how LONG LASTING they are. I have use them for a few weeks now for more than 12 hours and they still look as first applied in the morning. I don't think I want to get more since these colors are amazing to me and the rest don't attract me a lot but definitely this one was worth my money

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Tatiana K.

This palette is super unique when it comes to colors. The matte vibrant purple has super finely milled sparkles that do stay on your lids. This color and sienna color are the best in the palette. The other 3 shades are gorgeous too. Just in love with all the colors and pigmentation. I just tap once and get a very reach color true to what you see in the pan. Beautylish was great at helping me pick a palette for my green eyes.

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Xandra H.

It's amazing how powerful the internet is and how hyping up products can create such a frenzy. Contrary to what your favorite youtube beauty gurus/insta famous accounts/etc say, you do not need these eyeshadows in your life. They want you to believe that you can't be without any of Natasha Denona's products (per their free gifts of her products) but believe me, you'll be fine without them. Very unimpressed with the presentation of these eyeshadows, although I've come to understand that their dollar store packaging are mainly for makeup artists to simply through in their kits so there's one reason why it looks horribly cheap. This is being targeted to mass consumers, along with MUAs of course, so in the sense of me not being an MUA I'm terribly disappointed w/the packaging and that was one of the main reasons why I returned this product (and yes, I do own Z-Palettes but these eyeshadows are VERY fragile so you have to be extra careful w/them). The shadows are very pigmented, there's no doubt about that (very similar to another brand that is quite hyped on social media but worth only a fraction of a price of Natasha's eyeshadows), but looking at the ingredients of them I'm quite skeptical why they are priced so high. For the amount these shadows are, and especially the big ones worth 200$+, you would think you were getting high grade ingredients that would turn you god-like---but it's far from the contrary. I think it's time that we all start to question things before going out and throwing our money at every hyped product the internet says we simply cannot be without. I'm giving this two stars because I like the shade range and they do look lovely on the eyes. I might be interested in getting other Natasha Denona products but I won't be anytime soon.

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