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Katherine  D.
Yucky PERFUMED!!!!

I wasn’t even able to try this on and didn’t even swatch it because it is so perfumed!! It smells disgusting, too, like across between a diaper powder and the cheapest air freshener in the world. The colors do look beautiful! But I can’t tell you how they perform. I need to return this. I hope Beautylish does right by me . Total yikes blush!

Melissa C.
Will buy another!

I LOVE THIS! I’m a huge blush fanatic. I love that you get 2 full sized pans. This is a buttery formula & the complimentary shades are perfection. I will be buying this again in a peach tone!

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kaiyo A.


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Karen H.

Amazing! I love the combo one side is light the other darker depending what mood you're in hahaha and has a great flowery fragrance. You just dab a bit and that's all you need very pigmented

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Kristine B.
I love how the colors blend!

Very bendable colors in this duo, and so silky! I really love this blush, and I love the colors.

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Sabrina S.
Review for 02 and 10

So I have two duos, 02 and 10, and I like both! 10 is my favorite but 02 is nice as well for when I'm feeling more pinky instead of peachy. The pigmentation is fantastic for the shades with the sheen in them (both in 10, and the right side in 02) but the matte pink in 02 is quite chalky and hard to work with. I think overall they are worth the price since you get two large blush pans which are very pigmented, but I would stick to buying a duo which has two sheen shades rather than two matte or one matte, since the matte ones really aren't that great. PS, I wish Natasha would have used a different blush color for all of these!! The left pan only has two color choices so it kinda blows if you like the right side from one duo and you already have a blush containing the left side. No one needs that much of the left color!!

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