HD Microperfecting Primer


Jasmine T.

Its my first makeup primer that I have ever bought and I must say that it holds my foundation for quite awhile! It really does tone down the redness in my cheeks and nose, which is great. :) xx

Cassandra M.
good but over priced

This is the first high end primer I actually purchased a full size of and I really enjoy it. It's very light and creamy, it almost feels a bit moisturizing and it's really light on your skin and feels like you have nothing on. It works well at keeping my foundation looking nice throughout the day, but I wouldn't repurchase it again for $32. It's a good primer but not worth that much money, I'm sure there are better primers on the market for the same price or less!

Yumi R.

I bought this more for colour correcting than primer - in hopes it would help brighten up my complexion. And it did BUT I couldn't get over the horrible pungent SMELL of nail polish remover in my opinion. I should mention that I get migraines and am more sensitive to fragrance than other people though. In fact I ended up giving it to my friend and she didn't think it smelled bad at all. Anyway, it works to brighten up your face and smooth the surface of your skin and so it's great in terms of prepping your face before foundation it works. But I don't think something at this price point should be so highly fragranced and possibly irritating to sensitive skins.