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Sep 18, 2015

Madame G.


Apr 09, 2015

Melissa M.

@Rosa thank you well nothing special but having a good healthy meal plan drinking lots of water and working out mostly Cardio :)!

Apr 09, 2015

Melissa M.

@ Raylene thank you so much and yes Negative people like this just make me sick and thank you! 😁

Mar 17, 2015

Rosa A.

Wow girl. Great job on the weight loss may I ask what you did to lose the weight?

Mar 07, 2015

Raylene I.

Really sorry for bringing teeth up, again (rolls eyes haha) but shanae said baking soda was acid and that's what wrecked your teeth. That's wrong. Baking soda is a base not an acid (seventh grade science yo haha) it's the granules that wreck your teeth. It's like brushing with sand, it puts tiny microscopic scratches in your enamel eventually eroding it away completely with continued use. Just wanted to point that out since she "is passionate about misinformation"... Well she's misinformed... Anyway.. Hope the baking soda rinse works for you.. I personally haven't tried it. Haha I can't imagine it'll taste too good though lol try looking for the fluoride mouth wash instead. It tastes like soap but you grow to like it haha.

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Melissa M.

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