Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

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Amber H.
Very nice product

This is perhaps the most unique product I have ever used. It gives great coverage, but is lightweight at the same time. It gives a nice sheen to the skin without looking dewy or oily. It is amazing. Now I know why people love MAC products so much.

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Kaylah A.
Awesome setting powder

I've tried many setting powders, (drug store mostly) and i haven't found anything comparable to this. It sets nicely, makes my combination skin look smooth and even. 3rd time purchasing this product and will defiantly keep purchasing.

Gloria L.
Great Product

I've had this product for almost a month now and I really like it. I have been using it to set my foundation and i find it's not too heavy and leaves a nice finish. I recently tried using it by itself and WOW.. I really like the finish I got which is weird because I often don't like the look of powder by itself. I'm not sure about it's staying power. I've been trying it with different foundations and I get different results depending what it's paired with and if I used a setting spray. I'm not sure I've found the perfect combo yet but I'm hopeful with this product.

Lyndsie  T.

I am a fan of Mac products but the mineralized finish powder for some reason gives me a dewey finished look.I'm more of a matte kind of girl but overall this is great to have specially in the summer or while using with bronzer.

Julianne J.
Nice, a little over-hyped perhaps?

Oh MAC.... this and the painterly paint pot were my first MAC purchases (an eyeshadow on amazon included). My lovely boy treated me which was very thoughtful. I like this and use it to set my makeup but I find its a bit over hyped. I don't find my skin to be super duper soft or that its sets and locks my face makeup in an outstanding way. I can't even really see it, even over bare skin. (That could count as a good thing). It is also easy to whip through, which I've realized I shouldn't do as its a little pricey. My dome is a little flattened so far. I am aware that it doesn't have a lot of coverage like a powder foundation. I like to use this over my fave powder foundation with the EcoTools bamboo bronzer brush (a combo a fellow Beauty uses). It is certainly lovely to look at and soft to the touch, and for all I know it could be doing wonders and I'm too much of a numbskull to notice. I am more interested to see what their higher coverage powders are capable of. This a great setting powder but I wouldn't call it epic, for instance.

Brittny H.

I absolutely adore this product. It was recommended to me by the women and the makeup counter on account of my oily skin and I'm so glad she did. It never looked cakey and matched my skin perfectly. No orange at all which is big for me since I have such fair skin. I went to repurchase it and the women and a different Mac counter gave me the wrong powder! It was out of town so I didn't return it and I'm dealing with this one but I sure do miss this one.

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Christina B.
love it !!!!

i just purchased this to use for highlighting. i was really surprised at how soft and smooth it feels and looks . it blended right in with my other foundation and powders i was using at the time. the mac artist is the one who showed me that she uses it for a highlight powder and i am hooked.

Jen H.
My desert island product

Literally, if I could only possess one makeup product for the rest of my life this would be it. I use it over liquid foundation: it sets it, it blurs harsh lines, it gives me a subtle and diffuse glow that I have never before in my life had with a powder. I also use it by itself on "bare" days, and the results are flawless. Since I started using it strangers have been stopping me and asking what I put on my skin! I would have to commit suicide if this ever left the market. For realz.

Tara M.
Great shade!

I love this, Its light and easy to apply over my foundation giving me not an oily look from the foundation! I press the powder on with Mac Brush #150 so It goes on smoothly! I love it! Its expensive but personally well worth it!

Bethan W.
On the fence!

I love MAC products and the way they feel on my skin, especially the baked powders feel wonderful. But, I'm not a huge fan of powders at all, I don't find them flattering on my skin and I just look cakey and it really exaggerates my pores actually as well! I do think that this is the best powder I have used though, but I can't put it on my nose or the pores just like slap you in the face screaming "LOOK AT ME". This review sounds really negative but it did do a great job of keeping my makeup in place without creasing at all, and it would last all day. I completely used it up and it's now sitting in my back to mac draw, it's not often that I do use up a product to the very end so that in itself has something to say about this. :)