Alex A.

I own several shades as they are beautiful and really pigmented, but for the price they could really last longer. I'll repurchase as I love the colors but I always think about how poor the duration is...

Shelby  W.

I love this colour and how it looks on any one and I love pairing it up with the Mac lip liner «twig». I like using it for everyday when I want to go for a nice neutral/ natural day .

Audrey S.
My all time fav

Snob is my all-time favorite go to lipstick it couldn't go with a smoky dark make up look are also a very natural more day time make up look it's a very versatile very fun and girly love it

Sabrina T.
No words.

I absolutely would DIE if I hadn't have found this! Would give 6stars. But no choice for that! Absolutely vibrant and beautiful! Worth every dollar! I recommend this to any girl with an eye for lipstick. 5/5 definitely in favorites.

Meagan  M.
Mac Lipstick is it a Must Have?

Mac is such a popular brand of make-up. I recently got really into make-up and had seen many people suggesting to try Mac Lipstick. So I picked up a spring/summer shade called snob. It is a gorgeous mixture of dark and light shade of pink to me. It isn't so dark you can hardly see it. But it's not so bright that you feel silly with it on. I would say I love it but my only issue is that it was very drying on me and it did not hold the pigment long on my lips. Is it worth the buy? Yes and no. Depending on your location. If you have a MAC near you then yes. That way you can test them. If you do not I would not order online. Lipsticks like this can be a hit or miss. I bought a lime crime online and compared to the Mac it holds color longer in my opinion. So with Mac lipsticks it's really trial and error. But if you are looking for lipsticks from Mac try snob. It's a cute light pink and it's great also for mixing lipstick colors.

Makeupbyb P.

This is one of the best lipsticks I have EVER tryed! The color is long lasting so it's what you want in a lipstick! The price for this product is not as expensive as other higher end lipsticks. They feel so smooth on your lips and come in many different colors!!!

Claire P.

Oh my GOSH! My absolute fav! Now I've loved all MAC lipsticks and I think I forever will... They stay on for a long amount of time for me, don't bleed all over the place, and glide onto my lips so easily. The color choices are also wide and most of them, wearable colors (if you're sort of plain, like me). Absolutely love them!

Santana V.
Nice Lipstick

The matte versions seem a little drying, but I add a little gloss and its fine. I like the range of colors and I love Velvet Teddy & Snob. Every girl must have a MAC lipstick.

Markita H.
Photo of product included with review by Markita H.

I love this lipstick! It's so flirty and fun! Great for the summer! When I first bought it I thought it would be too light for my complexion, but once I put a lip liner with it, it was pef!!

Theresa G.

A color that everyone should have in their collection. Love this color I always have a back up of this one! Very pigmented as you see it in the tube is how you see it on skin just a slight gloss after applied.