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LibertyPaige X.
cant go wrong

You cant go wrong with any mac lipsticks but this one has to be my favourite! i usually go for pinks and nudes but i really wanted something that would make my lips stand out more and this was perfect, it lasts all day even when i eat and drink. i would deffinetly recomend it, i think its good if your tanned and have dark hair but everyone should give it a go!!!

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Beth P.
always first choice

I have about 6 mac lipsticks now and can't wait to collect more ,they really are a brilliant product no matter which finish you choose. I find myself reaching for 'rebel' very often because the shade is beautiful but still very wearable. The packaging is sleek and modern , the trademark vanilla scent that the lipsticks have is something that is appealing to myself and the range of colours is phenomenal. I'm definitely a mac lipstick (and mac makeup in general) fan. :)

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Alana R.
Vampy lip

Rebel is one of my all time fav Mac lipsticks especially for the fall and winter season. It's just a gorgeous deep burgundy color that you can wear alone or with a darker lip liner. I love to pair it with Mac night moth lip liner.

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Bianca C.
Heaven in a lipstick bottle

This shade is amazing!!! Almost every single color in the Mac collection is fabulous in every way. It's moisturizing and the pigment is great, this won't be the last time I will buy a Mac lipstick. love Love love!!!!!!

Raquel S.
Photo of product included with review by Raquel S.

I'm a lipstick junkie and I must say nothing compared to MAC lipstick. I love it. It's easily applied and have a wide variety if all beautiful colors and finishes. Can't get enough. Rebel has been my favorite shade Larry, but have yet to buy one I don't love.

Myka A.
Photo of product included with review by Myka A.

Amen to this shade it matches my skin tone and it lasts for a long time. I'd say it's not something for lipstick beginners since it's a very overwhelming shade but once you get to that "i'm into make up phase" you sure will be brave enough to try this shade 5 stars to this

Kristy M.
Another winner for me.

Rebel was my second mac lipstick. I'd been eyeing it for a while and glad I took the plunge as it is stunning on the lips. On mine it looks quite pinky. But none the less stunning. Really dark and sexy colour. Also this stains the hell out of your lips so you wouldn't need to be constantly topping it up.

Chanté J.
Photo of product included with review by Chanté J.

my everyday lip color.. satin finish, therefore not too drying. it's a dark red.. with a little purple tone I think. but it's rlly nice. my favorite. I'm not rlly a fan on red lipstick so I tend to go for this.. stays on long too and doesn't stain your lips.

Cyndal W.
Love Love

I absolutely love Rebel. I was skeptical at first because I thought it would resemble Heroine but it has it's own look. Great for the darker skin tone women.

Sanzida K.

one of my most favorite colors.. I pair it with night moth liner.. And sometimes add oversexed gloss on top. Beautiful color on its own and In conjunction with the other two products