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Elaina Y.
Favourite Nude

I love this product! I love that MAC has so many different shades and finishes in their lipsticks. Also my favourite thing is that all MAC lipsticks smell great! It's a vanilla-y candy smell, but it's not too overwhelming. This shade is the perfect nude for me, it does not wash me out and it does not make me look like I have no colour on my lips. This shade I would say is quite a warm tone, This is a Luster lipstick so you can wear this alone without gloss. This lipstick does last awhile, but you will need to reapply if you eat or drink something or in the middle of the day. This is my go-to lip colour now, and I always keep a tube in with me where ever I go.

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Jaelin E.

After my pink lipstick craze I got more into the bold eye and nude lip look so I was on a mission to find the perfect nude color, me being a MAC fanatic I googled and watched every MAC nude lipstick review possible and found Hue to be the best one, it's often in the same category as Creme d'Nude, Fleshpot, Blankety, Myth and Jubilee, which in my opinion, I think Jubilee is leaning more towards a brown than a nude.

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Abbey T.

Great everyday color. I absolutely love it. It goes great with the mac lipliner in subculture. Love it to death. So great and pretty. Very nice color for high schoolers especially.

'Danya Liegh '.

My favourite nudey pink shade!! Along with myth and creme d'nude, so creamy and smells devine, yummy vanilla scent, slides on perfectly and goes well with any eye look! Even a bright eye, holy grail lipstick 😊💄✨

Jane G.

My favourite easy wear MAC lipstick ever! Easily on my 6th or 7th one, it's one of those "my lip colour but better" shades. Goes with every look whether I decide to have a natural day look or a heavier night out look!! It's perfect!

Hannah M.

The best lipsticks ever made?? They have such a large color range!! Perfect packaging!! In one word " AMAZING"!! My favorite is Hue! A natural lipstick to make your lips look truly amazing!! I also love Creme Cup and Snob!!

Amanda D.

HUE has been my nude lipstick of choice for 8 years now! I first purchased this product on impulse back in high school and boy am I ever glad I did! The pigment is amazing and I enjoy that this nude is more on the pink side. It is not matte nor super glossy, just perfect finish. However, if you want to add some more, it would look nice with a clear or light shimer gloss over it. I use this product till the very end! I actually take out my lip brush and scrape the product until there is nothing left. It is worth the price!! And remember, 6 empty mac products = 1 free lipstick, eye shadow or lip glass =)

Michelle D.

I absolutely love MAC lipstick,especially in HUE. This one is one of my favorite nude pink ever, besides my dior addict lipstick in "tulle". I love them both, except MAC is definitely cheaper in price and that is a good thing! will buy another one soon in HUE, MYTH, PRETTY PLEASE, AND BLANKETY :)

I will make the review soon about the lipstick in my blog:

Katy B.
My holy grail lip color!
Katy B.'s Review Image

Hue is the perfect pinky nude for me. It is my most reached for lipstick. I completely adore it! I love the texture. I love the finish. And the vanilla scent of MAC lipsticks is a plus too, again, love it! I am certain I will repurchase this product over and over!

Steph L.
Never a lipstick gal until MAC came along!

I'm just starting to build my MAC lipstick collection! I love how beautiful they apply, and last so long on my lips! Just recently got Myth, Hue, Lady Danger, and Dream! They are a dream to apply.