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Kendall G.

I absolutely love this shade. It's a great color for the autumn months and it goes great with any skin tone. A nice rust color is always a great addition to any lipstick collection.

Vanny D.
Can't live without it!
Vanny D.'s Review Image

Recalling how sad I got when I realized I had lost it in a club! lol smh. I felt horrible because it is one of my all time fav. So the next day I literally went to MAC and purchased TWO! lol just in case! I'd have to say... its a shade both great for daytime & night-time. Give it a try. You'll see what I'm talking about ;p

Vanny D.
Vanny D.'s Review Image

I simply love this color lipstick! This MAC Lipstick is very pigmented and it goes great with my complexion & its defintely a must have for me! If you are interested in purchasing a red lipstick, this one is a very nice shade to consider.