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Life is F.
I like

A Perfect lipstick with a wonderful texture!! <3 And it is an ultra loooooonglasting lipstick....I LOVE IT!If you've bought One lipstick you Must buy them all.... 😀 I buy them usually on the internet.(17USD)

Juliana K.
Really Impressed.

I'm not usually a huge MAC fan. I know it's a great brand, I just don't usually use it. So that's why I was so surprised when I got this for my birthday and loved it! This lipstick sticks nicely and front stain your hands if you accidentally touch it like many lipsticks do. It also is a really rich color and stayed on for most of the day. It comes off really easily when you wipe it off. The only thing I would complain about would be that it although it doesn't stain your hands, it stains clothes. I have a little sister who loves to experiment with my makeup. She left the cap off of my MAC lipstick and left it on a pile of clothes. The purple shirt it was laying on eventually had to be thrown away due to a large stain on it. Anyway, if you're considering getting, keep away from clothes. Other than that... I loved it.