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Ariel P.
Great for Summer!!!

This lip color is amazing!!! It says summer!! The color is the perfect shade of pink mixed with a hint of red!! Looks great on any skin tone as well!!

Tinaa M.

Me and my mom love mac, we just got this one for free; well when you save all your containers and you have 6 you bring it to the store you get a free lipstick . So yeah we love this it's like the perfect red/pink mixture

Rose R.
Photo of product included with review by Rose R.

Such a gorgeous shade. I love that it is both red and pink -- not just red. Gives it something different. I love the texture too. Quickly becoming my favorite red lipstick from mac.

Sanzida K.

I can't stress enough how much I love the entire retro matte collection. I'm a huge fan of mac matte lippies.. And this color is no exception. Gorgeous color.. Love the pinkish tone to it

Karina A.

One of the most beautiful velvety soft looking lips bravo to m•a•c for the best lipstick so fare especially if your trying to get that deep classic red color.

Nicole H.
Love it!

Love it! It's the perfect retro matte hot pink colour! It's great for everyday or even a night out. I've been in love with this colour and I've been wearing it almost everyday.