Eye Shadow


Abigail N.
Train case staples

I consider these to be staples in my collection. MAC eye shadows were the first I ever bought and although I've ventured out to other brands, I still purchase MAC one's from time to time. The wear is amazing, they blend well, and have a million colors. Woodwinked is my ultimate favorite shadow from MAC. It's shiny and gorgeous and blends like a dream. I use it as a highlight, all over lid color, crease color you name it! They are so versatile, I recommend these for everyone!

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Miranda  W.
Best Eyeshadows I have ever owned

I really love mac eyeshadows. They are a little more money than I would like to pay, but so worth it. Woodwinked is just a lovey neutral that isn't taupe, but isn't gold. It's just perfect. I also own Naked Lunch and these have stayed in my makeup bag since the day I bought them. Two thumbs up!

Jessica V.
love them all

I have more MAC eyeshadow than I can shake a stick at. I started buying MAC about 14 years ago, and it's so easy and fun to just pick up a new one every now and then. I recently bought and LOVE outre, a concealer-ish shade of sienna brown. Woodwinked is absolutely my favorite shimmer - it's a rich golden taupey color that I never get sick of. I also love:

Mystery Haux Scene Bitter Humid Sketch Steamy Tilt All that Glitters Mythology Greensmoke Carbon Sable Twinks Mulch Club Electric Eel

and probably a handful of others that I can't remember. Fun stuff!

Alexandra G.

My newest mac eyeshadow is woodwinked and I love it!!! It is such a beautiful color all over the lid or in the crease! I like putting amber lights on the lid and then woodwinked in the crease :) so pretty! I am so addicted to mac eyeshadows now that I bought a 15x palette online. I can't wait for it to come in so I can start depotting and buying more! As I have said before the pigmentation rocks, they are buttery smooth, and so easy to blend! (the ones I have so far which are satin taupe, woodwinked, and amber lights)

Brianna K.
Color wonder

I love Woodwinked. When done right if you blend all over lid you need no other color, but if you want a little more flare then blend it out on your crease and it goes a little orange and brings out the color of your eyes perfectly.

Kadria H.
Fabulous !

I love this eyeshadow! This is great as an inner tear duct highlight to brighten up your eyes and make them look brighter. My only suggestion is that don't over use it because it might just look dusty. So be careful or the amount you put as the lid color.

But other then that, I LOVE it. (:

xoxo, Kadria H.

Lottie S.

I absolutely love this eyeshadow! It pulls a little orange on my skin but that's a good thing because it brings out my blue eyes. This shadow is very smooth and blends easily. I've never had a problem working with this one. It's just a great shadow!

Kendra H.
One of my favorites

This is one of my three favorite shades from mac! It's looks gorgeous in the pan and translates beautifully to the eyes! It also isn't too dark so it works with my baby blue eyes and super pale skin. It is a lovely light brown/gold color. I love it as a lid color or as a transition in my crease. Sometimes I'll use it with darker looks on the inner corner. You can create many looks with this particular shadow and you can blend it out until it's almost sheer or pack it on for intense color! This is definitely my second favorite next to Trax!

Pauline E.

This one suits every eyecolor! I use it a lot when my girls come to me to do their make up💕 Its a perfect golden color wits some rose in it, some brown eyeshadow in you're crease and BAM good to go;)

S N.
Mostly a hit, but sometimes a miss...

I, only in the past few years, have become a MAC customer. Last year I shopped there way more than I do now. But one way or another I ended up with plenty of their eyeshadows. The ones I own are nicely pigmented, woodwinked being one of my favorites (creamy feeling, very interesting color). Some I swatched weren't my thing though... You'll know what I mean when you go to the MAC store...