Eye Shadow


Jimena M.
perfect matte shade for green eyes

i am in love with this eye shadow. at first i didn't pay attention to it that much because it seemed a very "common" neutral shade that i thought i didn't need (got too many neutral shadows!) but man was i wrong.

it's a beautiful plum/ brownish purple with no shimmer at all (matte). super pigmented, perfect to put in the crease, all over the lid and outer corner. I love how this color looks with my green eyes, it makes them pop. one of my favorite mac eye shadows for sure. fyi: patina, soba, and quarry sometimes even with cranberry looks amazing!

ps: in the pic it looks completely purple because of the lighting.

Ashley S.
So flattering!

I absoloutely love this eye shadow color. So vibrant and perfect for a neutral eye! My favorite MAC shadow by far! I reccomendd this product to anyone who is looking for the perfect neutral shade!