Eye Shadow


Andrea F.
Gotta love Mac eyeshadows

The one I'm loving lately is Parfait Amour! Such a unique purple shade. It has a light blue violet base with a nice pink duochrome to it. I find that if you use a white base on your lid, like NYX's pencil in milk, before applying it you will get more of the blueness and if you use a purple pencil before you get more of that pink.. and also if you just use a sheer primer youll get a true to color application. It's just really nice. I love it. I also like putting it over black eyeliner to have a cool purple duochrome to my eyes.. THIS COLOR IS GREAT FOR BROWN/GREEN eyes!! Blue too! But mine are brown and they're just like BOOM with this :) Anyways, yeah! I'll be back with more reviews on eyeshadows once I can afford some more.