Studio Secrets Professional Color Correcting Primer

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Rayana H.
OK but I wouldn't buy it again

Originally I wanted to get the studio secrets no. 1 but they were out so I got this instead since I have a bit of redness. Since using it I noticed the company was more fixated on the green pigmentation (I looked like the wicked witch of the west the first time I used it). My foundation didn't apply on it and didn't stay on it too great. I don't really recommend it

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Izzy D.

I just watched a review on this product a couple of days ago, and she said that it was really worth buying. So I just so happened to have to go to the drugstore and I picked it up. Works wonders for me! Brightens up my face and covers most of the redness. Fairly priced too.

Justine Maika E.

This works really well! If i'm in a rush going somewhere or if i go to the gym, I just apply the anti redness primer & it evens out my skin tone well enough for me to be okay with leaving the house. It doesn't provide coverage but it definitely evens everything out & brightens up my face.

Alison G.
Doesn't work for me :(

I tried this but fro me it has 3 major flaws... 1. Too runny... it's too hard to work with 2. Doesn't correct... this could be more because of the #1 reason 3. Weird smell... smells like clay :(

Julianne J.
Not what I thought it would be

This product had very nifty and persuasive advertising. Using catch phrases like "Studio Secret" and "Professional" all probably ensnared us one way or the other- subconsciously or otherwise. Color correcting is promoted by some MUA's and is not hyped by plenty of others. I think a color corrector's success also depends on the thickness of the product as well. A basic guide line for color-correcting is as follows:

-Yellows can help neutralize purples/blues -Green can cancel out any unwanted redness -Purple can balance out yellow or sallow skin -Peach is good for dark spots. (There are variations to color-correcting and most of it has to do with the color wheel/color theory, also what works for you and/or your client! The list above is just one color-correcting theory/technique.) This anti-redness primer didn't do much for me. I didn't notice a marked, or even faint difference after I blended it on my face, with foundation, or alone. Color correctors are used to counter act or cancel out an unwanted facial color AND then once the color is neutralized, add skin tone matching concealer/foundation/face products. This primer was liquid-y and sheer, so no visible coverage. The packaging is slim, sturdy and portable, and I think the pump is OK, seeing as how there are PLENTY of skincare and MU products' whose pumps clog up and get all gooky and dry, thankfully this fail product was not one of them. You can control how much you pump, but its easy to accidentally deposit too much product with a small pump, so be careful. But even if you do use a ton of product, its sheerness cancels out any beneficial effects. I was excited about this product because I have dry, cool undertone skin with some yellow/tan patches, high, ruddy color in my cheeks with large pores and my jawline/chin is slightly acneic.I have a red, very dry T zone and dry skin at the base of my brows, as well. I also have dark circles/no bags. This product would have been great to neutralize all of that. I can't remember the price but it might have been over 10 bucks. In comparison to some fancy shmancy primer this is def. cheaper, but for drugstore its still a little pricey, especially when added to the tally of your additional purchases.