Volcanic Minerals Volumizing Mascara


Imani B.

I LOVE this product,it gives me great volume to my eyelashes and has a great color that matches my skin tone so I will recommend you to buy it and I promise you will love it.

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Nina  S.

I have long eyelashes that tend to clump together when I put on mascara and this product is amazing. I usually have problems with mascara being gross looking when it dries but this is fantastic!! I highly recommend this product to everyone!!

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Kynzie C.

I've had this mascara for a while and after the first time I applied it to my long eyelashes, I fell in love. I had used everything from Dior to Clinique. None of them did justice to my lashes. They worked, but they would clump very quickly after drying and I just wasn't impressed! I saw Korres mascara and I decide to give it a try. IT WORKED BEAUTIFULLY. Not only did it make my eyelashes look thicker and fuller, but it was SO easy to apply! The brush is way different than the other products and it doesn't dry funny! The mascara lays on your lashes smoothly! It doesn't dry and clump off. So, I am going to stock up on this soon because this mascara is one of a kind!!! HURRY HURRY!!!!

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Lauren R.

I absolutely love this product! I have tried PLENTY of mascaras, I would say AT LEAST 20 and this is by far my favorite. It gives great volume and length to your lashes. Usually I layer mascaras to get the right effect I want and this does it all for me. I haven't had any clumping problems even when I started to run out and got to the bottom of the tube. I can't say anything about curling properties because I curl my lashes before mascara no matter what, but it does help to hold the curl. The only thing I wish is if they had made a waterproof option it would be perfect! It disappoints me Sephora isn't carrying it anymore but I hope Beautylish keeps it in stock because it is amazing, just needs some publicity :) Thank you Beautylish for still carrying it, I'm stocking up as we speak!!!!!!!

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Cassie N.
Very nice

The price may seem high, but there's a reason for that. I have short lashes and this product gives me sooo much length. Also, the color is a very rich and true black which i like. I can't find anything similar because it's amazing. GET THIS MASCARA!!!!!

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Bethany H.

It covers the lashes nicley and the color is amazing. I love it so much and I do suggest it for anyone. It is an amazing product I FRIGGEN love it!!!!

Paige A.

Easily the best mascara I've ever used. I already have long, thick lashes but this product amplifies them and makes them look like natural falsies (oxymoronic, I know). It doesn't smudge under my eyes like the Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils, it thickens and lengthens better, and is cheaper!

Zusi Q.
My opinion for the sake of you...

I love this product too. It is a product that once I tried it I searched it out to buy it again. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to enhance their lashes but take care of them too...good choice for doing-up your eyes!

Eugenia F.
The best eye enhancer
Photo of product included with review by Eugenia F.

The price is right if your are willing to pay for a product that give you what you expect.

Whe I opened the tube of Volcanic Minerals Volumizing Mascara, I brushed my lashes from the roots to the end it glided smoothly. It thickened and lengthened it and the more I passed it the thicker and enhanced my eyelashes were getting. I was amazed by the way it worked. You cannot buy a better product as Volcanic Minerals Volumizing Mascara.

Jocelyn M.
Volumizing. Lashes look fuller!

I love it!! It has a lot of volume and I love how it makes my lashes so full!!! I love the brush! It is very black and it is my go to mascara it's the best!!