Cherry Oil Lip Gloss


Victoria S.
Excellent texture, pigment, and formulation

I love Korres Cherry Oil Glosses! I'm the girl that hates wearing lip glosses because my hair always sticks to them, they dry my lips out, or they leave the dreaded awkward white ring around my lips. Korres gloss is the one gloss I've found so far that is not too sticky, actually MOISTURIZES my lips, and doesn't leave an awkward film as it fades away. I'm actually quite impressed by the lasting power as well, considering it's not tacky. Some shades are more shimmery than others but you have to pick and choose to find colors that work for you. The product is kind of expensive at $17, but a good staple to have in your collection. Plus, the ingredients are high quality and carefully chosen.

Light Pink 11 is a really simple but gorgeous color. I'd describe it as a very very pale, sheer, and milky peachy pink with no shimmer at all. It leaves a simple milky and glossy sheen over my lips when I'm wearing more dramatic eyes. This looks particular look when matched with a bronze eyeshadow or eye liner (because the gloss is cooler toned than the bronze, it makes for an interesting contrast)

Mary Anne M.
Delicious Scent, Otherwise Lackluster

The cherry scent is rather tantalizing and is what wins me over about this lip gloss. I'm actually not a huge lip gloss wearer but I find that it helps keep my lips moisturized during dry days or seasons, and this did help a bit. I was a little disappointed that for being labeled "Full Color Gloss" at some vendor sites, this gloss practically has no color! It's a milky, sheer light pink and practically disappears to a clear finish on the lips, but it's a good gloss color if you like the natural look anyway. It is a good gloss to layer over lipsticks of which you already like the color and you don't want lip gloss shades to tint them at all, since this pretty much goes on clear. It also doesn't feel super sticky! Another favorite attribute.

However, I found that this gloss doesn't seem to stay shiny for very long... not even 2 hours indoors! I was surprised, for how much this fetches for. The tube does come with a comparable amount of product despite how small it is, but I would hope that the shine had better staying power, and moisturizing power for that matter. I love the gloss's fragrance and really am only keeping it because it smells delicious. But I would not purchase it, knowing that there are other drugstore glosses that smell like apples, last far longer, and are a fraction of the cost.