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Cream Glow

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Colleen C.
Gorgeous colour for cooler skin tone

This might be the perfect colour for a very fair but cool olive skin tone. It’s so natural looking once blended in.... but honestly that’s my only reservation about this product - that I don’t find it that easy to either pick up from the pan nor blend (I find it best to use a stiffer, small brush). I also feel that there isn’t much product in the pan for the price but it’s not my everyday bronzer so I can live with it, and not much is needed at a time anyway. I usually use Hourglass as I prefer a powder product for bronzers and blush but this is beautiful for times when I’m going to use cream blush for a natural look and don’t want to mix creams and powders.

Andrea H.
Beautiful shade and luxurious packaging but very shallow pan

If you're anything fairer than a medium skintone, I'd go with Dazzling - swatches of Lustrous looked too warm for the majority of light/fair skins. Dazzling looks really beautiful and blends in naturally with my cool skin tone, and the packaging is absolutely luxurious. Compared to the Laura Mercier cream bronzer (that I had in a palette once) this cream bronzer is slightly less creamy and pigmented, but still looks beautiful.

My only complaint is that the pan of product is extremely shallow, and I ended up hitting pan within a week or two of getting the product, and I don't even use a lot of product per day. Obviously the product amount is listed in the description, but it still surprised me to hit pan so early.

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